8 Ways to Hack Facebook Algorithms

Adam Rowe

Today, at VidCon 2016, the president of social media agency Jumpwire, Gavin McGarry, gave a presentation titled “Hacking The Algorithm – Inside Facebook’s Secret Promotional Code.” It's packed with facts about navigating Facebook's unwritten rules, and McGarry was even kind enough to post the entire 43-slide presentation online.

Here's a quick rundown of the most interesting facts about how to hack Facebook, including additional information tweeted by those at the presentation itself:

1: 60 posts a day is now the maximum number of posts per 24 hour period.

2: Uploading to Facebook directly from mobile “increases reach 5-6 percent“—Facebook wants to promote people who are out in the real world, doing “real things.” The iPad doesn't count.

3: Using emojis in your post will give it a better organic reach.

4: Uploading images to Facebook through Instagram provide a huge 23 percent increase in engagement.

5: Liking or responding to comments from the past 90 days will “jumpstart your reach.”

6: Avoid YouTube links. Facebook and YouTube are “at war,” and YouTube links can have an “organic reach as low as .01 percent.”

7: Stay on Facebook Live for at least 15 minutes.

8: Boosting your frequency of posts won't boost the number of unlikes your page gets… so post away! Just stop before you pass 60 posts a day.

McGarry continued his talk by shifting to Snapchat, revealing a fascinating factoid:

9: Swiping past Snapchat Stories without watching them still counts as a view. If it's on your screen for a millisecond, you “watched” it.

Facebook is already a much larger presence at VidCon than it was last year: It's doubled its daily video views to 8 billion and has added Facebook Live since 2015, so it'll naturally need to attend the event. Knowing how to navigate Facebook is becoming increasing necessary. And now, thanks to Jumpwire, hundreds of the best up-and-coming video experts know how to hack Facebook and its post algorithms.

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