Benefits of Hiring Fully Managed Hosting Services

October 21, 2015

12:35 pm

Probably the last thing any small business owner who runs an online website wishes to spend money, effort and time on is on server management. Therefore, the best way to use fully managed hosting services. Basically, managed hosting refers to a professional hosting provider that handles all your server needs. You simply rent the hardware and pay to manage it. It’s much like being offered a full warranty when you buy a new car with maintenance and oil changes included.

When it comes to unmanaged hosting, you only rent out the hosting server from the provider and you are still in charge of all maintenance and service tasks. There is sometimes what’s known as self-managed hosting which is a middle ground which depending on how your agreement is set up, you do get some basic server maintenance, however, the daily operation of the servers which includes handling any issues that pop up, is your responsibility.

Below are some benefits of managed hosting and why they are important to a company’s IT strategy.

Expertise, Security and Peace of Mind

When you outsource your IT’s infrastructure and environment daily management tasks, your IT team can then focus on core business goals and competencies. It’s obvious that your server security and protection of customer data and your website should be a top priority. Some factors of security include:

a: Virus Scanning
b: Running Audits for Security
c: Software Firewall Configuration
d: Spam Filtering
e: Updates of OS

Outsourcing to managed hosting services will allow you peace of mind knowing you will have stronger security through wide system experience and advanced tools that system engineers are responsible for to tackle security issues. Additionally, vulnerabilities can be detected and addressed to prevent your servers from being attacked.

Solutions that are Customized to Support Evolving Needs

Providers who are sophisticated will create a managed IT solution that can be completely customized to your company’s specific requirements. This will enable you to scale your business environment as you grow and support performance requirements and varying workload through combined technologies.

Decrease your Operating Costs

There are a lot of hidden costs to unmanaged hosting services. You might have to hire databased admins, system admins and other experts to manage your servers. Often, it’s more practical to hire a reputable hosting partner and buy one or more of their managed hosting services since all tools and experts are already in place to deal with server management related issues.

Automated Backups

Your sensitive data is backed up and secure through these types of services since the provider will have strategies in place to handle any natural or man-made data loss. However, if you go with un-managed hosting, you will not be able to guarantee your web host will be able to back up your data efficiently and again, it’s you who will be responsible for managing and taking necessary measures in the event of any data loss or to prevent this from happening.

No Need to Hire on Extra Support Staff

Outsourcing IT infrastructure and management to a professional service means you won’t be having to invest in staff members or additional resources to support your important IT applications and infrastructure. It can be very expensive to have a team in place with specialized skills to support operations 24/7 and it really doesn’t make economic sense to do so when your business doesn’t specialize in IT.

When you hire on a managed hosting provider, you’re guaranteed 24/7 technical support, 7 days a week. If any problems should occur, the technical support will be able to assist you at no extra cost. Plus, all your IT support issues and needs can be handled through a single point of contact. This will save your company money, time and resources by not having to hire on extra IT support staff or work with multiple vendors.

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