Here’s Your Chance to Nab the Best NYC Real Estate: Domain Names

October 14, 2016

10:30 am

Known as “the queen of New York real estate,” Barbara Corcoran is said to have turned a $1,000 loan from her ex-boyfriend back in 1973 into what is today a multi-billion dollar real estate empire. How’d she do it?

Well, the star of ABC’s Shark Tank understood early on that in business, as in life, “perception creates reality.” From the start of her career, she found ways to establish credibility and connections by “appearing” to be a big shot long before she actually was one.

Barbara would place ads in The New York Times featuring her small and inexperienced brokerage staff as “power brokers,” and send custom research reports and statistics about the real estate industry to writers at the top news publications. Even though her research was admittedly flimsy and her statistics questionable at best, little by little, her efforts to create buzz started to work.

Barbara knew that to succeed in the real estate business, she had to attract as much attention from the public and the press as possible. After she was unexpectedly quoted by The Wall Street Journal based on one of her “research” reports, she began landing interview after interview on major television programs – and the Corcoran brand started taking off.

In 1993, The Corcoran Group was among the first companies to start selling real estate on the Web. Recognizing the value and potential of the Internet – the greatest engine of commerce the world had ever seen –

Barbara was also among the first people to lock up a variety of high value .com domain names.

In a particularly cunning and “shark-like” move, she also registered all the .com domain names that she imagined her competitors would eventually want for their businesses! While she always turned the domain names over to her competitors, she says it was a great way to gather business intelligence, and to “keep tabs” on the competition.

Here we are nearly 25 years later and domain names are still one of the single most important ways that businesses – large and small – can create the perception of success.

Two years ago, the City of New York launched the .nyc top-level domain. Competing with legacy domains like .com and .net, .nyc is an exclusive benefit for New Yorkers. Since 2014, .nyc has become the fastest growing and largest domain extension of any city in the world – beating out other popular and dynamic city domains for the distinction, like .London, .Paris, .Berlin and .Miami, to name a few.

Forget co-ops and condos, side streets and storefronts: Right now domain names – the real estate of the Internet – are what’s keeping savvy New York investors a buzz.

In what just may be the best New York real estate investment since the Dutch bought Manhattan, this month, for the first time ever, the .nyc Registry is releasing 20 “premium” .nyc domain names to the public.

The names will be auctioned online from October 24th through 27th and all New Yorkers are eligible to bid.  

The auction will include premium domain names like:


A short, memorable domain name speaks volumes about a businesses or brand’s credibility. A great domain name can result in more people linking to and sharing your URL with friends, fans and family members. Just like the adage goes, “perception creates reality,” and a premium domain name can help to drive consumer engagement, media attention and search engine traffic.

Don’t believe it? Just ask Barbara Corcoran!

To learn more about the .nyc premium domain auction, please visit and register to bid. Bidding closes on October 27th, so don’t wait too long to grab a piece of Internet history.

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Lori Anne is Vice President of Registry Services, overseeing the business development, marketing, and communications initiatives for Neustar’s top-level domains (TLDs).