Best Startup Ideas You can Start for Under $100

October 19, 2015

10:02 am

Many people avoid starting their own business because they don’t think that they can afford to. Actually, there are several different businesses that anyone can easily start for less than $100, including promotional materials. Check out these startup ideas that will cost less than $100, and that can be started today.

1. Menu Planning

This is a business that can be started for just the cost of some promotion, such as flyers and social media marketing. Many people enjoy having someone else take care of all of their meal planning for them, and there are no special supplies needed to start.

Tools to help you: CookSmarts, Paprika, Plan To Eat

2. Project Management Services

Sometimes, companies don’t want to hire someone as a full-time project management services person, but they may need someone in this capacity for a single project. You could be working with any type of business, on any type of project. Again, all it takes to start this type of business is a little bit of promotion.
Tools to help you:  Mind Tools, SmartSheet, Wrike

3. Tutoring and Teaching

This is a great startup for students who want to make extra cash. Sometimes, people need help with their studies. Someone who has skills and knowledge in the areas that people need help with can tutor or teach them. This is ideal for anyone who loves to teach and wants to share their knowledge with others.
Tools to help you: SmartThinking, Tutor, Chegg

4. Buy and Sell iPhones

This is something that can be started for free, if you have any old iPhones and other gadgets that you want to get rid of. Once the first phone is sold, then it is just a matter of buying iPhones from other people, and then selling them at a profit.
Tools to help you: GadgetSalvation, Gazelle, Glyde

5. Gourmet Cooking

As long as the proper rules are followed when it comes to food storage, which foods can be sold out of one’s home, etc., this can be a great way to make extra money. Talent in the kitchen can easily bring the big bucks, and many people have turned this into a full-time career. When one is able to create their own space in a niche market, business is even better, because they can cater to customers that other businesses either can’t or won’t cater to.
Tools to help you: Gourmet, HelloVino

6. Grocery Deliveries

Many larger stores offer their own delivery services, but smaller outlets may not have this type of service. Anyone with a vehicle can take on grocery deliveries for customers. Or, if one has the space, they can stock up on non-perishable goods and deliver them to customers when they order these items.
Tools to help you: Instacart, SafeWay, RedMart

7. Errand Service

A lot of people are unable to run their own errands, including seniors and disabled persons. All that is needed is a vehicle, a computer with Internet service, and a telephone to start this type of business. When someone needs to have a prescription picked up, have items bought at various stores, etc., a delivery service can charge a flat rate and bring in quite a profit.
Tools to help you: TaskRabbit

8. Personal Trainer

It seems like everyone has a personal trainer these days, and anyone with a fitness background can easily jump on this bandwagon without having to spend a lot of money. Personal trainers can charge by the hour or by the session, and more money can be made by working in a niche market.
Tools to help you: Fitstar, Jefit, Skimble

9. Sell Plants Online

This is an interesting venture for anyone who loves gardening and has a green thumb. Basically, you grow the plants, and then you advertise them for sale online. This can be done through a website, as well as on social media websites. Depending on your location and the type of plants grown, this may be a seasonal money-making opportunity.
Tools to help you: Ebay, My Garden Pal

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Jane Hurst is a freelance writer from San Francisco. She contributes to Lifehack and Thought Catalog.