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These Are the Best Tools to Research Your Competition

May 30, 2015

10:00 pm

One of the best ways to redefine your marketing approach is looking at what your competitors are up to. Assessing their strategies and ad campaigns to see which ones worked and which didn’t, you’ll be able to find marketing solutions that will be better suited to your target audience. How to follow the activity of your competition? Fortunately, there are many efficient tools on the web to help you do it. Here’s a selection of those most valued by marketers today.


This tool is multifunctional and allows marketers to do several things: monitor ads of up to ten competitors, see what ad placements are used for them, uncover competitors’ search strategies and detect which ads worked best on the basis of page views. AdGooroo offers a package called SEM Insight that among others, includes a section of competitive intelligence. It offers tracking competing ad copy and split tests and gives a glimpse into all landing pages in a given industry, as well as an estimation of competitors’ budgets and click-through rate.


Moat is a free ad search tool that will display all recent ads published by competitors once you type in the band name and click ‘Search’. Looking at the visual list of recent ads, you’ll be able to see their size, as well as a selection of places this ad was seen at recently. This will give you a good idea about where to place your advertising in order to reach your target audience.


This smart tool will help you check your competitors’ organic and paid keywords, landing pages and ads. You’ll see keyword position rankings for a thousand of specific keywords – and won’t get banned by Google in the process. You can also track daily changes in ads, landing pages and keyword search positions. The tool will send you an email alert when competitors start to gain on you.

The Search Monitor

Another multifunctional tool, The Search Monitor will show you sponsored listings and PLAs worldwide from more than 9 engines and across 1200+verticals. You’ll be able to see geo-targeted organic listings exactly as customers see them, monitor rank and other features of major comparison shopping engines, as well as monitor affiliates and trademarks to see who’s talking about your brand.


Researching competitors’ backlinks has never been easier. Ahrefs will shows you all relevant data on external links, top pages, referring domains and IPs, main anchor text, linked domains and many more. The searching tools of Ahrefs are built on the back of the world’s largest backlink index, which is updated every 15 minutes. Ahrefs uses its own crawlers, so the information you’ll see will differ from what’s available with typical SEO or social media monitoring tools.


This is a classic resource for tracking global web traffic that offers a whole wealth of valuable information about what’s happening on web. You can see website rankings on both global and local (country-based) scale. All data provided by Alexa on traffic sources can help you with benchmarking your website against your competitors.


This is a great tool for both monitoring and analytics – you’ll get lots of crucial data on social mentions, top content, data sources and many more. The best thing about this tool is that it provides a considerable portion of information for free. Without going for the pro package, you’ll be able to check search traffic, key topics, referral sites and much more.

Having a close look at what your competition is up to will help you to refine your marketing strategies and ensure that you take all the right steps to outrun your competitors in the industry.

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Monique Craig is an Australian blogger and marketing specialist who works for Oneflare, an online marketplace which connects customers with local service providers.

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