Better Posture Will Boost your Mood and your Sales

It’s 3 p.m. You are slumped down in your office chair clutching yet another cup of coffee. You stare at the list of leads you should be calling. At the moment though, your enthusiasm for your product (or service) is about equal to going to the dentist. You’re thinking about your last few rejections and maybe how nice a nap sounds. You push the list aside with a promise to pick up the phone tomorrow.

This scenario is a familiar one to many entrepreneurs who are working long hours trying to sell their products or services. Finding the motivation to make those cold calls or follow up with leads every day can be challenging. Fortunately, there is a way to help make that challenge much easier. All you need to do is improve your posture.

Don’t Be a Slouch

Most of us spend hours slouched down in chairs. Look around any office and you will see most people sit with a curved back, rounded shoulders, and dropped neck. Slouching isn’t just something disapproved of by your mom; it can have serious negative consequences on your mood, energy, and confidence.

Research has shown that sitting in a slouched position can send “sad signals” to your brain. You are more likely to produce cortisol, a stress hormone, and experience negative thoughts when you slouch.  Slouching also can make you feel disempowered and weak compared to the people you’re interacting with – whether in person, on the phone, or even over email.

Up You Go

Simply improving your posture by sitting with a straight back though has been shown to produce positive thoughts and feelings. Standing up, with your shoulders back, head up, and chin out can significantly boost your confidence. Standing with strong, upright posture actually can alter your production of hormones. Just two minutes of standing with strong posture can generate a 20 percent increase in testosterone production and a 25 percent decrease in cortisol. These physical changes can translate into feelings of empowerment, confidence, and enthusiasm.

Can You Hear Me Now?

Another physical change to your body that occurs when you move from slouching to standing upright is relieving pressure on your diaphragm. With less pressure on your diaphragm, your voice should sound clearer and more energized than when you speak while slouched in a chair.

When you stand for phone calls, you also tend to adopt a natural, conversational style. This style of speaking can help the prospect on the other end of the phone feel as if she is chatting with a friend rather than being pitched a product.

Look at that posture!

Beat the Slump!

So don’t let the afternoon (or any time of day) slump bring down your mood and your chances for a sale. You are passionate about the product or service that you’re selling. Stand up, push your shoulders back, and hold your head high. Let that passion shine through so you can close that next deal!

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Written by:
Kathleen Hale is an experienced entrepreneur and public speaking coach. She is the co-founder and the CEO of Rebel Desk, a company that designs and sells standing and treadmill desks to help people be more active while they work. Kathleen also is the creator of Chair Free Project, a resource to help people move more and use chairs less. She writes, speaks and educates others about the many benefits of pushing your chair aside and living more actively. In addition to spreading the "chair free" message, Kathleen uses her background as a speaker, trial attorney and performer to coach other entrepreneurs on public speaking and pitch presentations.
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