9 Startups That Made It Big with Content Marketing

May 25, 2016

4:00 pm

The Internet is no longer an interesting thing. It’s become such a part of the fabric of society that if you aren’t using it then you are missing out. The most successful B2B marketers, for example, are allocating up to 42 percent of their overall digital marketing budget to content marketing.

And startups are demonstrating that they can use similar tactics to achieve success through revenue and acquiring seed funding. This article is going to detail ten startups that have made it big through using various types of content marketing, including social media, blogging, and general word of mouth (as well as a combination of all three).


Founded in 2006, this startup fulfilled a need. It fulfilled a need by providing content owners to enhance their video marketing capabilities. It used content marketing to succeed by not just using it but enhancing it. It can be used by startups across America to improve their content marketing efforts through using advanced software to analyze.

Over its lifetime, it’s raised $25 million in funding.


Taboola has achieved a revenue rate of $250 million through providing one of the most advanced marketing platforms online. It comes in the form of a simple web widget where content creators can add links to similar posts and photos.

Over the last year, the company announced that it had managed to serve 400 million different users. This is another example of becoming part of the solution in order to benefit from content marketing.


One of the more well-known names on this list, this online image sharing, and hosting, community has been used by people the world over in order to share images with others. It succeeded because of its association with philanthropy and its association with a popular brand.

It was supposed to be a gift to Reddit users but has since become a brand all its own.


ShoeDazzle is another online company, but this one is an online styling platform and store aimed at females who want to create a new unique look. It helps women discover new shoes and other accessories. This has seen it host 10 million members since it started.


Anyone with a broken screen or gadget knows how frustrating it can be to have to get it fixed. This is a startup aimed at eliminating this problem. It repairs smartphone screens and prevents them from being dumped in the trash. This is an example of fulfilling a major need and has been credited as being a pioneer of smartphone repair.


Voxy is an educational startup providing language learning apps. The difference is they provide it education in a way that’s applicable to real life. It’s managed to secure $15 million in funding and three million unique users.


The two startup founders of Javelin once ran separate and independent businesses. They decided to help entrepreneurs develop their business ideas. Anyone who wanted to be a programmer, a content marketing specialist, or an app development expert could get help from Javelin’s workshops.

So far they have hosted workshops in 200 cities around the world.


Getaround is a community-based startup based on the idea of lending to others. Complete strangers can lend access to their cars for a price. The community has a number of safety features in place, including the option to not have to give up the key to the other person.

It’s a simple way of making money and benefitting from a philanthropic community at the same time.


In 2010, BloomBoard came into being. This is a developmental teaching app. It brings together both the skills of educating and technology. This is such a winning concept that it managed to attract the attention of both the Gates Foundation and Birchmere. So far it’s been gifted $5 million in funding to carry out its mission.

All these startups have used various content marketing strategies to get noticed. There are many worthwhile causes, but only through proper promotion will the right people come across them. How will you make sure your startup idea gets into the eyes of the right people today?

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AJ Agrawal is an entrepreneur, speaker, and writer. He is the CEO and Co-Founder at Alumnify Inc.