How Brick And Mortar Businesses Can Survive Against Online Stores

June 22, 2017

5:00 pm

For owners of brick and mortar stores, keeping an online presence and up with technology will be a key component to success. Here are some options to keep tech for your store up-to-date and build your business in the interim to fend off other larger online stores.

Bluetooth Beacon Technology

Hit back hard by implementing Bluetooth beacon technology, which most customers haven’t experienced before. Your beacon will be able to pick up when a customer is near your store by detecting their phone. You’ll then be able to do a number of wonderful things to engage them to walk through the door.

For example, you could automatically send someone a 15 percent discount code to entice them inside. It’s likely you have your own online store, so you can remind people if they have a product in their cart. If you have a large store you can even guide them directly to it.

Keeping An Eye On The Time

Owners need to focus on the bigger things and less time managing the administrative tasks that could be automated. Using human resource technology like the Wasp system could help you manage the schedule. When you are in control of time it will save you money by reducing payroll errors, measuring overtime accurately, and speeding up the payroll process in general.

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Modern Point Of Sale Software

What will a customer be thinking if they walk into your store and see old school cash registers or credit card machines with out a chip? On a subconscious level, they’ll think you aren’t up to date and Millennial shoppers are more apt to buy using their phone. It’s time to upgrade your point of sale solution to something like Stripe.

For Cannabis dispensaries they can look to a find a niche solution like Cova.¬†They’ll be able to help in many more ways, for example, knowing your target customers and helping you market to them more effectively.

modern point of sale software

You Must Collect Email Addresses

It feels a little pointless talking about collecting emails these days because you’ll hear it everywhere. We’re going to look at it from a different perspective. Online stores will be able to use and track cart abandonment emails, which will save around 15 percent of lost sales on average.

How can you save abandoned sales in a traditional store? Sadly, you can’t. The only thing you can do is email customers using the software as basic as MailChimp and persuade them to come back. If you’re like most businesses a 15 percent boost in profits could change everything.

Targeting Customers With Ads

Even though your business is primarily a brick and mortar store it would be crazy if you ignored online ads. Facebook Dark Posts have created many millionaires since their inception and they’re going to create a lot more. Think about all the other social media platforms at your fingertips.

Any ad platform where you can target people in your local area should be tested. Software like AcuityAds helps you focus on engagement when it’s hard to track your ROI from an online ad to an offline purchase. When Apple Pay and other similar payment systems become mainstream this problem will be reduced.

Start Using Augmented Reality

Augmented reality will eventually sweep across the internet like a tsunami. It will cause great damage to offline stores. When online giants open retail stores you can guarantee they’ll be experts in using the technology to get exactly what they want from their customers.

augmented reality

You’ll need to follow in the footsteps of brands like Gap, IKEA, and Adidas to prevent yourself from fading away. It could be something as simple as Lego used over half a decade ago. They had a screen where customers could see the completed Lego set when they held a box in front of it.

Don’t Let Them Take Everything

Online businesses have taken over since the invention of the internet, but you don’t need to let them take everything. They’re going to keep opening brick and mortar stores if they deem it profitable. The only way you’ll be able to keep your business relevant is with the newest technologies becoming available every day.


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