Should You Buy a Swegway This Holiday Season?

Swegway is a popular brand that develops and manufactures small electric vehicles. One of its popular product is the Swegway Personal Transporter (the self-balancing scooter) that is now becoming wildly popular all throughout the world. The production of electric vehicles fit for personal use is the way the company wants to contribute in the search for green transportation.

The Christmas season is just around the corner now, and one of the options that you can consider as a gift is a Swegway unit. Here are some reasons why it might be a good idea to buy this for someone:

Eco-Friendly Vehicle

Our planet has been continuously getting warmer and warmer. This is due to various reasons, including emissions of toxic and warm gases from vehicles that rely on fuel. With Swegway, there is no need to load it with diesel or gasoline. Though it is currently being used for short distance travels, it is a good alternative to the conventional car because it doesn’t produce gases that are poisonous. Amazingly, there are now more users of the small vehicle who want to keep it as replacement for their cars.

Reduces Traffic

According to a research study from EPA, more than 250 million cars travel every day in America alone. What’s surprising is the data reveals that around 50 percent of those cars travel five miles or less, and many of those travels are done by single-occupancy drivers. With the use of Swegway, traffic can be reduced significantly. This could also greatly reduces the amount of carbon monoxide emitted. The vehicle is not complicated because the Swegway board can easily carry any individual without getting out of balance.

Easily Movable and Portable

Cars are relatively big and cannot penetrate narrow pathways or roads. But with a Swegway vehicle, you can move easily and freely anywhere you want to go. It is also portable and, thus, can be used and moved to different places without difficulty. If your home doesn’t have a garage, you don’t need to worry because you can park it at any corner; this makes the vehicle a space-saver.


The fact that it doesn’t use diesel, petrol, coal, or other fossil fuel, it is also not just ecofriendly, it is also budget-friendly. You don’t have to allot budget for these types of fuel.


Swegway is not just useful and safe, it is also very convenient. You can operate and use it anywhere even on steep roads, beaches, and any uneven topography. This makes travel from one point to another more convenient, which the conventional car is not able to do.

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