BuzzFeed’s Tasty Unveils First Smart Appliance, New Tasty App

July 28, 2017

10:50 am

This week Tasty, an offshoot of BuzzFeed that launched in 2015 as a Facebook food video channel, has announced the company’s first smart appliance, the Tasty One Top. The Tasty One Top is a Bluetooth-enabled induction cooktop that was built in collaboration with GE. BuzzFeed has plans to ship the cooktop in November of this year with a starting price of $150 and with cookware adding on another $184.

In addition to the hardware, Tasty is also launching the Tasty iPhone app that will feature just under 1,700 recipes, and will also connect to the Tasty One Top for step-by-step cooking instructions. If the concept sounds familiar, it’s similar in nature to the Hestan Cue that we reviewed earlier this month, but the Tasty One Top costs four times less.

This comes less than a year after BuzzFeed quietly acquired a small ecommerce company called Scroll, which specifically focused on crafting products that consumers want to share. And what do social media users love to share more than anything? Food. Tasty specifically kept this in mind as they worked with GE Appliance’s First Build team to build the cooktop, which is why it has a pentagon shape. More specifically, it’s designed for capturing photos and videos of it on Instagram.

“In two years, Tasty has reimagined the recipe format as a visual, shareable and interactive medium, democratizing food and making cooking more accessible, social and fun in the process,” said Ashley McCollum, General Manager of Tasty. “The Tasty One Top and app demonstrates our commitment to the intersection of content and technology, marking the beginning of the next step in the evolution of our business as we expand into new ways of using technology to bring people together around food.”

Like the Hestan Cue, the new tabletop induction cooker allows home chefs to use a single device to cook with precision by monitoring the temperature of the pot or pan in use. It will also include a connected thermometer to also ensure the protein or food being cooked is at the exact temperature needed. According to their announcement, home chefs will be able to use the cooktop for pan cooking, pot cooking, slow cooking, sous vide, and more.

If you’ve ever seen a cooking video appear in your Facebook or Instagram feed, there is a good chance it was produced by Tasty. According to Tubular, across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, it has delivered more than 4.3 billion views and 108 million engagements in the first quarter of 2017. It’s also had more than 58 billion lifetime video views across these social channels as well.

“Tasty’s strong brand and massive fan base give it almost limitless avenues for expansion — from cookbooks to licensing to consumer tech — and we’re excited to take a new big step with the One Top, a product that has the potential to truly make precision cooking widely accessible,” said Ben Kaufman, Head of BuzzFeed Product Labs.

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