Centiment Is The Solution to Quality Market Research

January 27, 2017

11:20 am

Online surveys are nothing new. However, the struggle to collect meaningful information from panelists continues to be a big problem. The issue stems from a lack of focus on the survey takers. In addition, disregard for the experience of the respondent encourages bad behavior, thus leading to the collection of questionable data.

Another pressing issue has to do with disqualifications. In most survey panels today, a respondent can begin a survey only to be told, several minutes in, that they do not qualify. They are then terminated without reward, a treatment that incentivizes false reporting, in order to qualify and earn the reward.

Aiming to change this reality, Centiment is launching a new survey platform focused on providing high-quality survey respondents for market research. The company built this platform from the ground up, with an innovative twist on the incentivization model. Instead of recruiting respondents wanting to earn money for themselves, Centiment focused on hosting fundraisers, benefiting schools, and other nonprofits.

The typical respondent is a parent that downloads the Centiment app, available for iOS and Android. They receive periodic push notifications when they have been pre-qualified for a survey, and each completed survey generates a donation to their child’s school.

Respondents can even earn $20 dollars for themselves, if they refer a survey customer using the in-app feature. Centiment will then match this with another $20 donation to the nonprofit.

“Schools and nonprofits have been exhausted from having to sell candy and magazines in order to fundraise. On the market research side, it is actually quite difficult to find a quality survey panel that provides valuable feedback. We believe Centiment perfectly marries together these two markets that have been in desperate need of innovation,” said Kurt Wassmer, founder of Centiment.

Centiment’s platform is convenient, as participants can fundraise (i.e., complete surveys) when they have the time. It is also competitive, featuring rankings which highlight respondents that have helped out the most, and equalitarian, as what matters here is time, not the size of one’s bank account. To launch a fundraiser, nonprofits should contact Centiment.

In anticipation of its January 18th launch, Centiment has recruited nonprofits from across the country to host fundraisers on its platform. The company is now accepting surveys and aiding everyone from startups to Fortune 500 CPG companies in gathering quality insights that help steer their everyday business decisions.

In order to encourage early-adopters, Centiment is offering a 40 percent discount, with the code LAUNCH. To honor its commitment to its respondents, this discount will not impact the amount of money earned by the schools and other nonprofits fundraising on this platform.

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