Chef Charger, a New Way to Charge Gadgets in Restaurants

August 31, 2015

10:00 pm

Restaurants, bars, cafes, and other dining environments are great places to hang out with friends. With today’s craving for technology, smartphones, tablets and other gadgets have been a common sight in those places, sometimes even replacing the traditional social conventions like actual conversations.

While most of those places are now equipped with free Wi-Fi coverage, the same does not apply to battery charging. Quite often, the reason for that has to do with practical reasons, as it is simply not viable to have a socket at every table, let alone chargers. However, a new product is now changing this, making it easy for those establishments to provide their patrons with a way to charge their devices: meet Chef Charger.

This line of products is a family of innovative charging devices, made as an integrated system that fits perfectly in restaurants and similar places. With it, patrons can charge their gadgets with ease and convenience, without having to leave their tables or bring their own chargers.

Chef Charger charging devices are waterproof, theft-proof, eco-friendy, certified, and patented. They come in three different shapes, seen below: candle holder, salt & pepper holder, and drink coaster.


The candle holder has a great design that fits any decoration. It can automatically charge on its own, without the need for connections to sockets. It is built with high quality food-safe materials, which can withstand damage from falling. The salt & pepper holder has a very classic look to it, being indistinguishable from a conventional holder. The drink coaster is built with food safe 100% high quality bamboo.

All of them are compatible and safe for all kinds of smartphones and tablets, come with custom made USB cables, and are theft proof, being tracked by GPS. They are also built with high quality electronics, providing protection against overvoltage, short circuit, overcharge, over discharge, overcurrent, and overheating.

Establishment owners can order the Chef Charger charging devices with their own custom logo, providing their own look to the devices. These innovative charging stations bring an amazing feel to any place, and will surely please every tech-savvy patron.

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