Cheryl Shuman, The Queen of Cannabis

April 13, 2015

11:00 am

The first time a doctor suggested Cheryl Shuman to smoke a joint in order to overcome depression, this businesswoman thought she was being made fun of. However, almost 20 years later, she manages a millionaire fund that deals with cannabis and is the founder of Beverly Hills Cannabis Club.

When you look at Cheryl Shuman, it is hard to imagine that this 55 year old woman manages a fund worth more than $106 million in marijuana businesses, is the President of the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club and dreams with the day when “marijuana consumption is as common as drinking wine”.

It is easy to realize that, nowadays, cannabis is under the spotlight. Not only the discussion of its legality and benefits is hot, the cannabis-related market is booming – especially for related accessories, like volcano vaporizer, which come in many types, sizes and functions.

Nicknamed ‘Queen of Beverly Hills Cannabis’, the story of Cheryl Shuman is worthy of a Hollywood movie. Born in a poor family in Ohio, she made her fortune selling discount coupons but, a car accident in 1983, threw her back to misery. At the age of 23 she was unemployed, broke and alone with a daughter.

After three weeks living with her daughter in a car, she got a job in Encino, North of Los Angeles, selling glasses. That was when her life changed again, by meeting the person in charge of the accessories in a film starring Shirley MacLaine. Eventually, this lead to the creation of another company, Starry Eyes Optical, that specialized in working with the seventh art.

However, the same art that brought her fortune, also brought disgrace. After years of collaboration with Steven Seagal, in 1995 Shuman sued the actor for alleged sexual harassment, breaking their contract after a consensual sexual relationship and death threats. The whole scandal torn Starry Eyes Optical apart, as well as Shuman.

One year later, when Shuman was close to a depression, a psychologist told her to smoke weed in order to help her overcome that condition. This was the start of Shuman’s cannabis empire, highly boosted by the fact that, in that same year, the State of California approved the use of that drug for medicinal purposes.

Using the same professional contracts from her past job, like Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Justin Timberlake, Paul McCartney who, according to Shuman, love marijuana, she funded the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club, which is a club that provides “the best cannabis in the world, natural and organic”.

Charging over $600 per ounce, the club has now over 1,700 members, of which 100 come from the “showbiz elite”. It regularly hosts dinner parties, where marijuana tasting is king and each plate is combined with the right kind of cannabis.

Ten years after funding the club, Shuman has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, which spread to the colon and bladder. After what has been labeled as a “miraculous cure”, she brought the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club to the spotlight, as well as promoting the benefits of the drug. She also commercializes several other products, like cookies, shakes and others, grossing millions of dollars.

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