City of Pittsburgh Launches Roadmap for Inclusive Innovation

September 10, 2015

5:00 pm

The City of Pittsburgh has recently launched a project called the Roadmap for Inclusive InnovationIt is designed to give Pittsburgh citizens a better quality of life through equitable access to technology, city resources, and information.

The Roadmap is an initiative created by Mayor William Peduto’s Department of Innovation & Performance and the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh. It encompasses more than 100 projects that the City of Pittsburgh plans to undertake over the next few years.

This plan to grow the city into the digital age has been the primary goal of the Department of Innovation & Performance since the department was created in 2014. In developing the plan over the last year and a half they have used community engagement, researched best practices from around the world, and conducted an extensive analysis of the City of Pittsburgh and its individual needs.

“The innovative city we are building together will never reach its full potential unless it strengthens and supports innovation in all communities, and we will get there through efforts such as promoting digital literacy, opening up contract bidding to small businesses, and ensuring a healthy and sustainable environment for everyone,” said Mayor Peduto in a statement. “This Roadmap will intelligently move Pittsburgh into the future by recognizing and adapting to meet the immense opportunities for growth in the digital age.”

The Roadmap has these three primary goals:

  1. Bridge the Digital Divide and Facilitate Residents’ Participation in the New Economy
  2. Improve the City’s Capacity to Serve the Public in the Digital Age
  3. Increase Pittsburgh’s Resilience in the Digital Age by Strengthening the Clean Tech and Local Business Sectors

The website gives in-depth descriptions and updates on their methodology and progress in reaching these goals. They've further broken the program down into six Focus Areas with individual objectives and examples of best practices from other cities. The six focus areas are:

  1. Address the Digital Divide
  2. Empower City-to-Citizen Management
  3. Provide Open Data to Pittsburgh
  4. Improve Internal Operations & Capacity of the City
  5. Advance the Clean Technology Sector
  6. Promote the Local Business Environment

It's been said that Pittsburgh is experiencing a kind of renaissance. It is becoming a top city for innovation and technology, and with the help of accelerator programs like AlphaLab, was recently listed as one of the most improved regions for startup funding. This new Roadmap for Inclusive Innovation is a huge step in helping the city continue in the right direction.

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