7 Ways Cloud-Based Technology Is The Future Of HR Software

In today’s fast-paced business environment, one buzzword that is being implemented across the globe is the cloud. They use it for everything from data storage to business connectivity. And using it for HR is an obvious move for business owners around the world.

Managers agree that efficient human resource management is the bedrock foundation of any successful business and plays a key role in the efficient handling of recruitment, employee relations, compensation, training, tax calculations and payroll processing. The adoption of cloud-based HR computing is a game changer which can pave a new path for the agility, speed and adeptness of mundane HR functions.

Cloud-based technology enables small to mid-sized organizations in making radical automation of time-keeping and payroll processes. Integrated cloud based computerization leads to better quality data available to decision makers and ultimately leads to better business moves. Let’s be honest, the benefits are basically endless:

Cost Efficient

Cloud-based HR software is fully automated and provides comprehensive employee related data under one umbrella. It’s an investment that aids in massive reduction of time and manual efforts and has the ability to perform the manual work done by employees in a matter of minutes.

Many firms have adopted cloud-based payroll solutions, leading to the elimination of tedious manual salary computations, tax and incentive calculation, and many other business procedures. The automation also reduces redundancy and repetition of data, thereby giving a thrust to the HR department’s overall productivity.

Multi-Location Support

Organizations operate at a global level with offices scattered in different cities worldwide. When a workforce is globally dispersed, it can be difficult to keep track of critical employee-related data. A cloud-based system leads to an enriched database of information that can be constantly updated from any nodal office situated in any location.

The database can be logged on to from any corner of the world through a manager’s personal laptop, mobile, tablet or smartphone. This ease of universal access increases communication and engagement within the company, which ultimately increases work productivity amongst co-workers. Managers feel empowered that they can create, update and access important information at the click of a button.

Easy To Implement

Nearly every major software solution provider in the market agrees that HR cloud technology is the new wonder drug that can help you carve a new path for your business. It’s easy to implement in any kind of organization. Once you adopt a cloud-based HR software, your organization doesn’t need to go through the yearly process of upgrading as that is handled by the vendor.

A variety of cloud-based HR software are available with all major vendors, and the vendor themselves take charge of providing full technical and user support. It’s high time to jump on the cloud-based HR software solution bandwagon as the coming few decades will see all previous HR enterprise systems get obsolete.

Data Security

Many managers hoping to implement cloud-based HR software systems will always have a nagging doubt about the security of sensitive and critical human resource data. The security aspect of data is handled by the vendor and there are numerous internal checks that ensure that there is no misappropriation of information.

Cloud software is designed for security from the ground up, with applications and data being hosted remotely with encrypted data being sent to client’s side only on a need basis. Physical access of the system can also be controlled by the vendor through rigorous identity checks, password authentication and verification. These internal mechanisms ensure the safety of sensitive financial and demographic HR statistics, making the system secure and reliable.

Global Engagement and Branding

Using universal cloud-based HR benefits systems can also help rationalize how multinational organizations present their global brand to employees. With multiple offices and a diverse heterogeneous mix of people, each workplace office is able to combine different aspects of their work to create a consistent brand that accurately supports their company’s vision, communicating the same look, feel and structure across geographical locations.

Furthermore, employees from offices across the world feel more engaged and bonded to the company, because they can easily access their personal benefits information – along with company updates – from any device at any time!!

Helps in Managing Compliance Challenges

Human Resource managers handle large amounts of complex data, which is highly susceptible to being misused and exploited for personal gain. Since cloud-based solutions are maintained by professional vendors, the relevant security applications are frequently updated based on the most current regulations which are set by the lawmakers.

An operator can set up rigid visibility parameters to allow only nominated persons to access the data which reduces the risk of illegal manipulation or misuse of the data. Cloud-based HR Software mostly comes with built-in advanced reporting capabilities and have the ability to automatically generate reports for compliance purposes in pre-designed formats.

Enhances Overall Business Efficiency

Cloud computing technology integration with traditional Human Resource software leads to a massive competitive advantage and provides overall business efficiency in operations. It fully automates data-heavy processes and tasks, leading to massive time saving. Cloud software enable managers to bid farewell to heaps of documentations and filing work, eliminate paperwork and reduce errors.

Cloud-based software systems quickly perform arduous time-consuming backend calculations and produce periodic reports and paychecks in quick turnaround time. It also acts as a 24/7 data storage system. Since all the data is securely saved on the cloud, there is no worry of data loss due to any unfortunate event or calamity.

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