ColdCan: The Beverage Insulator Powered by NASA Technology

May 17, 2014

10:00 am

Justin McCullough and TJ Henderson have taken their idea through design and CAD Engineering, refined their designs, blown through three prototype versions, and they are finally ready to bring the ColdCan to you. To that end they recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the final steps of the process: manufacturing, assembling, and shipping.

The ColdCan is a modern retelling of the classic drink koozie made entirely of BPA-free plastics and insulated by Cryogel, a derivative of the same substance Silica Aerogel used in NASA spacesuits. McCullough and Henderson aren’t playing around with the ColdCan; they designed it to keep your drink cold as long as it’s in, what they call, their beverage insulator.

“We recognize that koozies have established a low value function and in a lot of ways trained people to not value them. So, we wanted to be clearly more than a koozie because we’re not a koozie,” says MuCullough. “We wanted something that would look good in your hand, at your desk, and outdoors while still being functional and portable.”

The ColdCan Core is a unit built for 12-ounce cans, but it was designed on a modular basis and welcomes both 16-ounce cans and bottles. All you need to do is get the attachments, like the Riser, which makes the base 12-ounce unit adapt to bigger projects.

If that wasn’t enough for you, the ColdCan is lightweight, impact-resistant, has a spill-proof lid, and fits in most cup holders out there. It also comes in a wide array of bold colors, but one of the most important features of the ColdCan, according to the team, is that it’s sourced and manufactured right here in America.

“Why is everyone still using cheap, ineffective, foam koozies for cans and bottles when everyone knows they don’t actually keep drinks cold?” asks Henderson. “The answer is clear: lack of innovation or use of current technology, and therefore, no product options for a truly attractive and functional drink insulator. Apparently the bravest thing to happen to the koozie took place decades ago when its price dropped to pennies and everyone figured out how to slap a logo and business address on it.”

The campaign still has 17 days to go, and they’re at $11,570 of their $80,000 goal. And because McCullough and Henderson have been able to stir up quite a hype around the ColdCan, they’re optimistic it’ll work out for them before the clock ticks zero on June 3.




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