Quality Content Is the Most Important SEO Ranking Factor

July 18, 2017

5:00 pm

By now, every website owner is aware that Google penalizes sites that use old-fashioned SEO techniques such as keyword stuffing. The search engine giant also continuously improves their RankBrain algorithm to help deliver the right results for each user's query. This has had the natural side effect of pushing the Internet toward content that is more refined and actually offers something of value. In fact, if you want to attain a high search engine ranking, it's imperative to take a close look at the quality of your site's content.

Why Do So Many SEO Efforts Fail?

You've built a nice-looking site, included all of the pertinent keywords and even gotten some high ranking inbound links. Even though all of this is in place, your website's traffic is still underwhelming. What are you doing wrong? The answer for most sites is extremely simple: you've neglected to ensure that all of your content is high quality.

A Google representative confirmed last year that content, inbound links and RankBrain are the three most important pieces utilized to come up with each website's ranking. In other words, if your content is poorly written, you're cutting out at least 33 percent of your overall search engine optimization (SEO). This is a recipe for disaster.

What is the Definition of Quality Content?

Quality content is a very subjective term, but it's not hard to guess what Google means. We know that Google considers five main points when judging your site's content. If you do well in each of these categories, your search engine ranking will be much higher than a competitor's website that features poor quality content.

Informative and Useful Content

You must make all of the basic information about your business or site easily accessible. This includes features such as your address and hours.

Enhanced Usefulness and Value

Are there thousands of websites about your specific topic? Take a new approach in your content by offering valuable information that isn't easily found elsewhere.


Be sure to cite all of your sources. Provide a quality outbound link to all statistics or studies. You can also give your credibility a boost with customer reviews.

Provide a Good Experience

Your content needs to be high quality and developed to deliver a good experience. Proofread everything to remove typos, grammatical errors and excessive keyword usage. Remember, Google looks for content that is intended to actually helps visitors instead of merely boosting the website's SEO.

Engage Visitors

Your site should be eye-catching and offer regular updates to keep people interested. A blog is the perfect way to help satisfy this requirement, and it enables you to boost your SEO ranking each time you put up a high-quality post.

Ultimately, Google's constant algorithm tweaks are meant to provide users with a simple and satisfactory web search experience. If you build your content with the goal of being helpful to your visitors, your SEO will naturally receive a boost. Therefore, delivering quality content is the number one thing you should focus on when building your SEO strategy.

After all, you could have the prettiest site in the world and sell the most useful products ever created, but you're still going to need to connect with visitors to become successful. Google will help you do this if you ensure that all of your content is high quality. This makes quality content the most important SEO ranking factor.

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