Why Corporate Wellness is Important

December 22, 2014

11:00 am

The well-being of employees should be a major concern for all companies as, without it, they are not as efficient and productive as they could be. With this in mind, many companies are starting and developing wellness programs, improving the state of mind (and body) of their employees but also their engagement and retention.

A recent study by GuideSpark, a leading company in employee communication and engagement, provides some guidelines both on what employees look for in these wellness programs and what employers can possibly do to increase participation. This was a very extensive study, deeply exploring this subject.

There is still a high number of employees that do not take full advantage of these benefits, as the study shows: from the survey responses of over 350 employees, the authors of the study found that, even though 70% say that wellness is valuable, only a mere nine per cent actually takes full advantage of the wellness programs offered by their companies.

The main reasons for this lack of participation are, according to GuideSpark's findings made available in a press release, the fact that employees are too busy with their jobs, the programs do not suit their tastes or lifestyles or simply because employees are not fully aware of the range of wellness programs their company have to offer.

Therefore, the conclusions that can be drawn from this research are fairly straightforward. Companies need to do a better job in clarifying the whole spectrum of wellness programs they offer, as well as provide programs that are more appealing to the general employee. Many of them are actually using GuideSpark's knowledge to improve that communication outreach, so this disinformation gets to an ending.

Take a look at this infographic made by GuideSpark to get a visualization of the prescribed corrections to corporate wellness programs:


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