4 Coworking Spaces in Albuquerque You Need to Know About

July 27, 2017

11:30 am

Startups, small businesses and solopreneurs are finding that it's a cost effective way to grow their businesses in coworking spaces. With the wave of the freelancer, coworking spaces are going to see an influx during 2017.

If you live and work in Albuquerque, or maybe just visiting for the day, and need a space to work with other like-minded individuals, you're in luck. Albuquerque has four coworking spaces available to meet a small business or freelancer needs. I asked tenants from some of the coworking locations what appealed to them the most about the space.

FatPipe ABQ

FatPipe ABQ is situated in the Innovation ABQ district. They are housed in the building that was once the library for the Albuquerque High School that was built in 1879. FatPipe ABQ specializes in open bench seating and collaborative cubicles. They are currently looking at expanding their reach to other cities in New Mexico, and will have a Taos location open sometime in September 2017.

They offer high-speed internet, kitchen, conference room, access to printer/copier, private phone booth, 24-hour access, presentation area, and equipment, and access to an outdoor courtyard.

FatPipe ABQ tenant, Alonso Indacochea of 11 Online, a custom web solution company, shared his experience as to what appealed to him most about this coworking space.

“Coworking because our team wanted to work in a space together and we were new in software development. We figured it would be better to work in the same place. Plus, we liked that other entrepreneurs hang around and use FatPipe ABQ. I knew we needed those kinds of connections to get our business going. We wouldn't have existed or lasted without the connections we made through FatPipe,” Indacochea said.


“It's also nice to only pay for the days we are there because we give our team a choice to work from home on certain days.”

When asked about how this coworking space influenced his business, Indacochea said,

“It continues to affect us because we’re in the hub of entrepreneurship. Just being around people that have the same attitude that we have, go getters, it’s nice to have that support.”

His favorite amenity there was the lightening fast internet.

“Being a web development shop, that makes a huge difference. And the ability to host events here is a really nice part of being at Fatpipe. I’m thankful and appreciative, it’s worked out really well for us here and we’re here for the foreseeable future.”

FreeRange Spaces

FreeRange Spaces' first building is located near the University of New Mexico, at the corner of University and Central. FreeRange has plans to expand into more buildings and areas of Albuquerque, especially focused on building out space as requested, whether it's a roomy office, or a more open work space. Their next location will open in late August.

They offer cold brew on tap, access to the internet, free coffee, conference room, and a ping pong table.

FreeRange Tenant, Jake Grant of Revere Social, a social media management and advertising agency specializing in Facebook and Instagram, shares his thoughts on the space.

“Julia Olivas was working with FreeRange and suggested we try it out when she noticed that we were working out of a lot of coffee shops and breweries and at home, ” Grant said.


“I definitely like the owners a lot, they make sure the tenants are taken care of. They are super attentive and helpful. The owner, Joe Pitluck, is out there fixing and keeping things working.”

This space was helpful as it provided a consistent work environment.

“Going somewhere every day also lends more professionalism to our company because we have a place to meet with clients. It's also great to surround yourself with like minded, driven individuals, and bounce ideas off of people. Because you may think you have this great idea, but then when you ask a group of people you realize it could be a shitty idea.”

His favorite amenity was the “cold brew on tap and I love the standing desks, they're super cool.”

Ideas and Coffee

Ideas and Coffee are centrally located in Albuquerque at Indian School near San Mateo. They offer plenty of open space and offices that can be rented by the day. Ideas and Coffee offer high-speed Wifi, printers, a fax machine, copier, and scanners, and free coffee.

Ideas and Coffee attracts a lot of telecommuters, contractors, and one-person businesses. Their tenants tend to like the quiet, cozy workspace and the helpful staff.

View of Albuquerque from Simms Space Coworking

Simms Space

Simms Space is located in downtown Albuquerque, on the seventh floor of the historic Simms Building. With great views and impressive wall murals, they offer small offices and open shared spaces.

The Simms amenities are access to the internet, free coffee, 24 access, private phone booth, video games, and they are dog-friendly.

Gabriela Campos and Vanessa Sanchez of Exposure Photography, a photography business that focuses on strong images for small businesses, shared their experience with Simms.

“When we started, we worked at home. It was fun and then it wasn’t fun. It was easy to get nonproductive. We wanted a team environment. One of the owners, Matt Biggs, approached us and suggested we come out. Once we worked there, we found that we were more productive and that we were able to focus more.


“It’s a great environment, everyone is willing to brainstorm with each other, like how to market yourself and get out there more,” they commented.

This space has helped them see what else is out there in the marketplace.

“Just being around other professionals, it pushes you to get out there more and see what other people are doing and apply that to your own business,” they said.

And their favorite amenity, the view.

“We're in a high rise building downtown. There are windows everywhere and it reminds me that we’re here for Albuquerque and I really love the view. We also like taking a break and using the ping pong table in the break room. There's a real sense of community, the owners are very present. Plus, I love the art on the walls, it makes it a very creative space,” they said.

As more resources open up for entrepreneurs in Albuquerque, the need for coworking will grow. Luckily more coworking spaces may be opening up in the future, so if you're in Albuquerque, keep an eye out.

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