Turn Your Resume into an Infographic with ResumUP

March 29, 2012

3:00 pm

If you haven’t seen an infographic by now, it means that you don’t know what an infographic is, because you have. You’re on the Internet. They’re everywhere.

Oddly enough, however, infographics have remained relatively constrained to a similar set of situations. Eugene Barulin, founder and CEO of ResumUP, has found a creative yet practical usage for this visual data display – resumes.

“I’ve hired many people, and helped many startups that were recruiting. I know from the inside that this field is stuck in the 1950’s.”

ResumUP replaces the plain black type on white legal paper and turns your information into something both interesting to look at and easy to consume. Much like, ResumUP puts a candidate’s work history, education, and important life events onto a single timeline thus giving a clearer representation of his/her background (aka the purpose of a resume).

resumUP - infographic resume

Clearly, Bob Smith is an overachiever

It will be interesting to see if employers are willing to transition away from the “1950’s” way of going about hiring. Clearly a service like ResumUP or presents some obvious upgrades over the current model, but as is usually the case, the challenge lies in getting people to change their habits. Barulin remains hopeful: “We’re very young (started July 2011), but we truly believe that ResumUP can make a difference.”

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