CrowdOptic Launches a New Smart Eye Device

April 8, 2016

11:20 am

CrowdOptic has been an industry leader in developing smart Glass technology for workplace use. It has energized and enhanced environments from healthcare to field operations to broadcasting live events and to mobile streaming for security. Now it brings new hardware to the industry, in the form of the CrowdOptic Eye, a streaming device that will adapt to meet the needs of any environment. A user can simply push a button and live stream from anywhere.

Meeting a Need

According to one company spokesperson, the company’s clients have been looking for simplicity – for other options that did not involve learning how to use wearable hardware such as Google Glass, but instead have the option of hand-held hardware that could provide the same benefits. Enter the CrowdOptic Eye – a new platform that promises to be far more comfortable for the user. According to Jon Fisher, CEO and cofounder of CrowdOptic, “The push of one button to stream from anywhere to anything that we can bring in with or without glasses….this is often what our Glass clients wanted as well – simplicity.”

Other Google-Partnered Companies Struggling

While other Google Glass at Work partners are struggling to stay alive, CrowdOptic has pushed forward with major medical technology deployments with Fortune 500 medical device firms. This new CrowdOptic Eye is a pretty attractive piece of hardware. It offers 1080p and 720p video, with a 5MP camera, dual-band WiFi, up to 10 hours of use per charge, and, as well, LTE capability. It is designed to be used with the CrowdOptic Enterprise Console – allowing multiple streams from different sources, including Glass.

While a lot of Glass at Work partners are flailing, CrowdOptic has accurately leveraged consumer need and responded correctly. New technology always results in winners and losers, and this company will obviously be on the winning side of the equation. As evidence, CrowdOptic recently signed an agreement with Sony – a partnership that began with the Denver Broncos Broncos championship game and at the Super Bowl earlier this year.

Powered by CrowdOptic software, fans at both games could share live views from the sidelines with virtual fans all over the world. Viewers could experience, for example, interaction with Broncos players before the game, shared by live fans wearing Google Glass. Some of these videos were later shared on the Broncos Facebook page.

Ease of Use Means Big Things

In the healthcare industry the new CrowdOptic Eye will mean far less training time for medical professionals, from EMT medical technicians who can live stream a patient’s condition from the ambulance to emergency room personnel, to collaboration between surgeons in and outside of the operating room. And because this new hardware is compatible with other Glass technology and devices, the possibilities are endless.

Wearable Glass devices are certainly not going away. They offer a hands-free technology that many find better meets their needs. However, having a hand-held device that is simple to use, at $499 will be attractive to a large demographic that is more comfortable with a camera-like live streaming platform.

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