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The Importance of Good Customer Communication Tools

September 27, 2014

4:13 pm

The world is becoming mobile. Not only is traveling something people do more often, but people also demand to have what they want and need on the go, regardless of their location. Keeping up with customer communication is essential. Technology is also keeping up with this trend, as today’s gadgets are gaining more and more portability. New services like cloud storage and cloud-based platforms allow for this portability to be more convenient and reliable, even though some security concerns may arise.

And if all this is true for people and their data, be it work-related or personal, it is also true for people as customers, as there is an ever-growing demand for customer services to also be available on the go, improving the whole customer experience journey but also posing new challenges for companies. So, it is important to be ready for any eventuality, by having the best tools around at your disposal.

In order to keep up with the necessity to coordinate customers with our increasingly digital world, companies are deeply investing in two platforms: mobile apps and call softwars. Mobile apps tend to be the most immediate solution to address the customer/company communication, as they are relatively cheap and easy to implement. They can also simplify processes, like ordering a product or checking information about a flight. In truth, data from last year shows that consumers are receptive to shopping on the go: on Black Friday 2013, according to IBM, 21.8% of total online sales were made on mobile platforms (apps or websites), a number that has been increasing year over year.

Similarly, call software is being increasingly demanded. If you happen to own a business where phone calls are a big deal, then you surely know how they can be problematic: missed calls, an endless number of messages to keep track of, people reaching the wrong department – the list is almost endless. Luckily, there is a lot of software available to deal with this problem.

One example is Talkdesk, a service that combines the best of these two worlds: call center and portability, in the cloud. This truly revolutionary software allows call agents to know the important things about who is calling, through reverse search, therefore cutting some precious time in the client interaction. Call agents also get the ability to make, receive, record and transcribe calls and, since it is cloud-based, in can be accessed and used on the go.

With this service, all businesses, even the smaller ones, can setup a customer support center in minutes, and all from a web browser. When a client calls, the agents get the aforementioned information as well as data from hypothetical previous contacts from that person, making the support much more efficient. Talkdesk also works flawlessly with the most popular customer relationship management services (CRMs) on the market.

The arise of mobile apps and services like Talkdesk are just two of the most notable examples on how the customer interaction is definitely going mobile. With people being more linked to mobile platforms and more demanding for portable solutions, companies should really look to these two cases in order to improve the relations they have with their customers.

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25 y/o, born and living in Portugal. Majored in Biology, but tech and computers were always a passion. Wrote for sites like Windows.Appstorm and MakeTechEasier.