3 Strategies to Reduce Analysis Paralysis and Boost Lead Generation

July 11, 2017

6:30 pm

Data is the center of the marketing universe. It sustains rigidity of sales structure within corporations, empowers marketing officers to wield prospect information in a flexible manner and untangle the perplexity of the B2B sales process.

The problem with a vast amount of data is that analysis paralysis can set in and marketers can enter into a gridlock by consuming too much of the wrong data and veering away from goals.

For CMOs, they must get grippier and look for actionable data. Whether it be through purchasing technology programs to filter out the information the company needs or bolstering relationships within the corporate framework, leadership needs to streamline the data to increase lead generation decisions. By equipping teams with better data it could translate into better decision making and close-knit working practices between sales and marketing teams.

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There are 3 smart strategies marketers can follow to maximize sales leads and get out of analysis paralysis.

Test! Test! Test!

Marketers must continually test their plans to single out optimal policies, direction, and the overall costs of implementation. Marketers must pay attention to their efforts to ensure they do not burn out during the process. After testing the waters, marketers must make a checklist of the tests and associated data that positively impacted the sales. The results can be used to draw out elaborate plans for the future.

Benchmark is the outgoing standard

Sometimes, marketers can be blindly misled by the notion that numbers extracted from one company would serve as a standard benchmark in opportunities elsewhere. However, the fact remains that sales funnel strategies are shaped uniquely and varies from on company to another. Marketers must understand this aspect while juggling with multiple opportunities at hand.

Soak up marketing technology

Marketing automation may offer substantial returns, however, the risk dilates when many systems are simultaneously deployed without viable means to observe and respond. Marketers can overcome the challenge by deploying one tool and keenly waiting for results before moving onto another tool. Gradually working up the ladder will yield more positive results.

Out of all the three strategies, testing will prove to be invaluable in any data-driven marketing realm. Testing is implementable irrespective of company size or acquisition strategy. A simple A/B testing is a proven mechanism to prevent missed out opportunities.

Testing one’s mobile strategy is also mandatory to ensure conformity to constantly upgrading technology and user-friendliness on mobile devices.

Data is the pillar of marketing and the onus is on the marketer to stay up-to-date with the technology, trends, and fulfilling client request through high-quality experience and solution. When marketers are on the verge of slipping into the analysis paralysis, steer the efforts towards capturing highly relevant actionable data.

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