Your Digital Marketing Strategy Should Be More Than Social Media

There are 20,000 people on Facebook every second of every day. With these kinds of staggering numbers, it’s easy to see why many companies, particularly the smaller ones, focus a lot of their digital marketing attention on social media. After all, when there are that many users, why bother with other avenues?

The problem with reaching out to customers and potential customers via social media is that it’s a bit like trying to get attention in a crowded room. With thousands of companies constantly posting content on Facebook and Instagram, the competition gets pretty fierce. The best marketing efforts are efficient, reaching as many people as possible in a meaningful way. But impactful posts on social media are not quickly conceived nor easily acquired.

It seems like some need a refresher as far as digital marketing beyond social media is concerned. Here are the often forgotten assets which are key to the digital presence of a modern business in conjunction with social media accounts:


As one of the most popular advertising tools in recent years, infographics can be applied to virtually every industry. Consulting with a digital marketing service specializing in infographics will generate interesting and captivating resources. In turn, these can be used for years across a variety of outreach mediums in addition to social media, including email, newsletters, video, and web design.

Interactive Graphics

The next step up from infographics is the highly prized interactive graphic, which is gaining momentum across the web. In short, interactive graphics are infographics where the user can click and be led to further information and prompts for response. This gives more exposure to potential customers, making them more interested in your product. Interactive graphics serve to grab and retain attention in a way social media can struggle to achieve.


The importance of video in digital marketing cannot be understated in today’s on-the-go world. Once a tool for television, video is now something that can reach people virtually anywhere, through the use of their mobile devices. And yes, video can be combined with social media advertising to generate eye catching posts. Placed on YouTube, a well produced video will gain traction on its own, though keep in mind it’s also a crowded environment.


Getting people to arrive at your website after entering a string of words into a search engine, continues to be a critical part of a successful digital marketing campaign. Content creation and link building are functions which marketing agencies – at least the good ones – use to elevate a website in the list of results for given searches.

Web Design

Once the premier, if not exclusive, means for companies to digitally reach out to customers, websites these days are all utility and no charm. The advent of prefabbed framework has created a clone army of website layout. While certain approaches to web design are standard for a reason, a little imagination never hurt anyone. And just like the old days, a memorable website will keep the visitors coming back.

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