DreamIt Ventures Incubates 14 Startups in 2010

August 12, 2010

3:45 pm

We are in Philadelphia this week, the land of independence, where the startup incubator DreamIt Ventures is showcasing fourteen new startups this year. In their third year, the DreamIt Ventures demo day was kicked off by program managing partners Kerry Rupp, Steven Welch, Michael Levenson and David Bookspan.

Here is a rundown of the day's presentations.


Brandon Griggs presents AppNowGo

AppNowGo offers an easy way for anyone to create a data-driven web app. They want to make it easy for even your mother create a web app. They are looking for investment to help take the product to the next level.

Todd Spitz

Todd Spitz presents GiveLoop

GiveLoop offers a social, online fundraising tool that aims to increase donation rates and donor loyalty. They leveraging viral sharing to help spread the message to Facebook and other networks. The tool is simple to setup and free to use. They are already generating some revenue but looking for funding.

Vijay Kailas

Vijay Kailas presents Numote

Numote aims to enchance your TV viewing experience by making it more interactive. The iPhone application (an iPad app is on the way) looks to make it easy to see what your friends are watching so you can interact with them while watching content. Offers contextual advertising around programming. The app is seeing ~600 installs per week and the team is seeking $400,000 in funding.

Jesse Pickard

Jesse Pickard presents MindSnacks

MindSnacks offers a game-driven, mobile platform to learn a language. Currently the platform is offered for the iPhone and is limited to Spanish, but their goal is to expand. This specific mobile app was built in ten weeks. The application is currently $5 in the iTunes app store.

Eli Gassert

Eli Gassert presents Yunno

Yunno is a social engagement platform to easily create social media contests, coupons, surveys, trivia and polls. It looks to offer valuable ROI on the use of social meda. Yunno is currently looking for $250,000 for the next year.

Rob Falcone

Rob Falcone presents Campus Sponsorship

Campus Sponsorship offers a new, interactive way for brands to engage with college students and for students to raise money for their on-campus clubs. They have 325 student organizations on board as well as some large brands. They are seeking $175,000 for growth.

Alfie Hanssen

Alfie Hanssen presents Tembo

Tembo offers Flash-based social games, for kids age 12 and under, that feed kids' curiosity and deliver positive learning experiences. Their first game could be described as Farmville meets Discovery Channel's Planet Earth series. Tembo is looking for $250,000 to get the gaming platform to the next level.

Brennan Knotts

Brennan Knotts presents Pocket Tales

Pocket Tales is an online social reading game that offers kids a better way to engage with books, send and recieve book recommendations and discover the next book to read. Pocket Tales is an Indiana-based startup that came out of the Sproutbox startup incubator. They were also a showcased startup at the 2010 SXSW Accelerator and were a showcased startup at our SXSW TECH cocktail Startup Mixer event. They are looking to raise $400,000.

Anastasia Andreeva

Anastasia Andreeva & Maria Ioveva present Vozeeme

Vozeeme offers a marketplace for manufacturers and truckers to create what they are calling an “eBay for the freight industry”, bringing efficiencies to an industry that currently relies on high-priced brokers. The team is currently looking for $200,000 to use for customer acquisition, infrastructure and operations.

Jeff Engler

Jeff Engler presents MatchLend

MatchLend provides equipment financing to small companies and is soon beginning a pilot program in NYC. They are currently seeking $200,000 to get to the next level and are also raising $5 million for their lending pool.

Cheolho Minale

Cheolho Minale presents Launchups

Launchups offers a platform for Q&A and finding experts for your young business. They currently aggregate anwsers to business questions as well as provide online video conference opportunities for sharing business expertise. They also have a 1 to 1 matching system to help connect business owners. Launchups is looking for advisors to help their service get to the next level.

Nikhil Sethi

Nikhil Sethi presents Adaptly offers a platform to distribute your ads across multiple social networks and offers an aggregated dashboard of analytics. This company has seen great early traction and is seeking $500,000 to support it's projected growth.

San Kim

San Kim presents Easel

Easel offers a platform for interactive workbooks, test preparation and learning on the iPad and has made solid traction acquiring early customers. They are garnering significant interest from publishers and test prep companies and are currently looking for $300,000 for the next year.

Mo Yehia

Mo Yehia presents Sqoot

Sqoot offers a social platform for sharing the activities you would like to do. They plan to cluster users around similar activities and showcase hyper-targeted, real-time offers from advertisers. Sqoot is looking to raise $250,000 to grow the development team, implement game dynamics, refine B2C and more.

Congrats to entire DreamIt Ventures team and startup participants, the mentors and all supporters. It looks like a great class of startups and we wish them the best of luck in their entrepreneurial journey's, which TECH cocktail will be sure to help cover.  We'll be showcasing many of these startups at tonight's TECH cocktail Philly startup mixer event at the Field House in downtown Philadelphia.


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