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May 20, 2015

9:00 pm

When you are charging your clients for the amount of time that it takes you to complete a project, it becomes imperative to always get the timing exactly right. Failure to embrace this philosophy could quickly lead to unsatisfied customers, and this is the quickest way to get a bad reputation. Additionally, you need to send an easy to understand, accurate invoice for every service or product that you have sold. Although you could use old-fashioned time tracking and invoicing tools such as punching a time clock and creating invoices in a word processing program, there is a much better way to take care of these critical functions: turn to

How Does Due’s Platform Work?

In most cases, people who work for a tech company spend a large portion of their time online. Therefore, it makes sense to use Internet-based tools for a wide variety of functions. Due offers free online invoicing for a limited number of clients per month, and you can also upgrade to gain unlimited access and additional features for only $3 per month.

The Due dashboard is eye-catching and very simple to navigate, and you will be able to choose from multiple business invoice templates to help you avoid wasting any time. The time tracking tool does not require your employees to keep the online platform open. Instead, they can take advantage of a widget that runs in the background. It is also simple to keep an accurate accounting of time because this widget can be paused or stopped at any time.

The Necessity of Accurate Invoicing

Accuracy is the key to success. If you do not already understand just how vital it is to make sure there are no mistakes on your invoices, take a moment to consider the huge mistake that was once made by NASA. In 1999, a Mars orbiter was built using measurements from two different systems because no one took the time to double-check everything. As a result, the orbiter became lost in space after it was unable to properly transfer its coordinates to the California based monitoring lab. The estimated losses associated with this error were $125 million.

Although you will probably never make an invoicing error that will cost you hundreds of millions of dollars, you will make your clients begin doubting your level of professionalism if you ever need to correct a mistake. This problem will become greatly exacerbated if you end up sending out a second incorrect invoice to the same customer. Over time, this will cost you a lot of time, energy and money, and it could also cause your clients to look elsewhere for assistance. Therefore, if you want to preserve your reputation and protect your profit margin, it is a wise idea to take time tracking and invoicing very seriously. can help you achieve accurate results, and you will also benefit from saving time during the invoicing process.

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