Edtech Startup LeapLearner Wants to Teach Kids to Program Robots

April 27, 2017

3:30 pm

The future of computer science jobs are bright. But in anticipation of a talent shortage, preparing the next generation with the skills to advance technology will be critical to future innovation. One startup is taking a global approach to developing children’s skill sets for the future.

China-based edtech startup LeapLearner, an online educational platform, aims to prepare children for the future and help them embrace the power self-learning.

“A child’s ability to continuously learn new skills, create and adapt are the foundation for their future success,” the company states.

Their curriculum is designed for children ages 5-12, integrates into a child’s existing education framework and the modules are built to correspond with the academic year. The program uses the feedback-loop and problem-solving nature of coding in order to develop self-learning abilities. The code kids will learn is the basis for communication with both humans and robots which will be a critical skill set for future innovation.

Children will be able to engage through an interactive platform and even learn how to hack video games, which will help them understand a simple natural language of code before transitioning into Javascript. Ultimately, students are taught to build and share their own video games with others and gain confidence about creating new concepts.

LeapLearner was developed by Ami Dror (cofounder and CEO), Aaron Tian (cofounder and CEO of LeapLearner China) and the first Chinese-Israeli startup built from the ground up by Chinese and Israeli cofounders.

“Our vision is for LeapLearner to be the platform where kids learn to harness the power of code in order to be innovative and realize their dreams,” Tian said.

The platform will only be launching in Shanghai (users ages 5-12), before being rolled out across greater China and Asia Pacific, and eventually expand to the Middle East and South American markets where there is a demand for innovative, high quality educational products.

To date, the company has raised a seed round of $5 million from some globally renowned early-stage investors including John Wu, former CTO of Alibaba.

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