Top 10 EdTech Tools and Apps for Boosting eLearning Productivity

June 23, 2015

3:00 pm

Technology has made students’ lives easier and more difficult in the same time. On one hand, instant access to information gave them the possibility to conduct and complete research processes in a very short period. On the other hand, there are tons of websites and apps that distract their attention and make studying look out of date.

However, there’s a way of spicing up assignments and academic experience. Below, students can find a list with several edtech online tools, websites, and applications. They are all meant to boost productivity, to help you stay focused and organized, and to plan every step.


1. BenchPrep
BenchPrep App screenshot
This is a game-changing learning management system based on advanced analytics. Through an interactive learning method, you will be able to prepare for important tests and exams. BenchPrep makes the studying process more comprehensive with its personalized learning platform and content management strategy. The study lessons, flashcards and practice questions at this website will surely save you a lot of time.
2. App
Dictionary App Screenshot
Everyone has one of those professors who use smart words that no one understands. You always thought you would need a dictionary to follow their lead? That’s not a bad idea! Install this app on your phone, and you’ll always be able to “translate” their lectures into common English.
3. PapersGear
PapersGear Screenshot
How can you be a productive student when there is no chance to write and edit all those papers your professor’s expect? You have to study and attend classes at the same time, so you think you would have to sacrifice at least one aspect of your studies? There is no need to do that when you have PapersGear on your side. This academic service will help you edit and proofread all projects, regardless of the topic and difficulty. Thus, you’ll get enough time for everything else on your agenda.
4. SugarSync
SugarSync Screenshot
You have all important papers, notes, and projects on your computer. Losing them would be a disaster. SugarSync will keep them safe. This is a cloud file sharing, sync and online backup system that uses your existing folder structure to keep you organized. You can add any folder with a single click, and the entire content will be continuously backed up in real time. Thus, you can access your files from any device.
5. TED
When you lack motivation, the best thing you could do is spend some time at this website. TED talks can really make you a more inspired student. The resources at this website can boost your productivity as well. It doesn’t matter what project you are working on; you will probably find a TED video with an expert who provides great ideas and resources.
6. Rate My Professors
Ratemyprofessor App Screenshot
Don’t create your class schedule by choosing random classes. That’s a certain way of ending up with impossible professors who would make the term miserable. At this website, you can check each professor’s reputation through data provided by real students.
7. StudyBlue
StudyBlue App Screenshot
At this website, you will find useful quizzes, review sheets, study guides and flashcards that will help you get ready for the upcoming tests and exams. There is no point in spending time creating your own studying materials when you can access this huge library of resources that cover every topic.
8. InstaGrok
InstaGrok App screenshot
At this website, you can research any topic with a concept map that’s interactive, customizable, and shareable. The Key Facts will show the most important information about the topic you’re investigating. The interactive visual interface will enable you to understand and remember the concepts, facts, and relations between one point and another. In addition, InstaGrok features integrated journals that enable you to take notes throughout the process.
9. Half
half screenshot
Being a more productive student has a lot to do with finances. Half enables you to manage your budget more successfully by selling and buying textbooks online. Who said you had to invest a fortune in studying materials? With this service, you can save and make money at the same time.
10. OpenStudy
Open Study screenshot
So you don’t like studying alone, but you haven’t found a compatible study buddy just yet? No worries; that’s why OpenStudy is here for. This website enables you to become part of study groups for different subjects. You can contribute to the community and get instant help when you cannot grasp certain parts of the materials.

Are you ready to start spending your time at college more effectively? Start exploring these 10 edtech tools listed above!

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