How to Stay on the Pulse of Your Employees with Waggl

June 2, 2015

9:00 pm

Emily is the human resources manager for a successful mid-sized business. One of her many jobs as the HR manager is to get feedback from employees on everything from day-to-day business operations to leadership performance to client ideas.

Unfortunately, getting truly honest feedback from employees is easier said than done. Emily quickly learned that employee engagement surveys and annual performance reviews had one common problem when it came to obtaining feedback: they’re just too slow.

What Emily needs is a real-time feedback platform — and Waggl is just that. With Waggl, company leaders can easily connect with employees in a fast, engaging way.

How Waggl Works

Waggl helps companies obtain a real-time snapshot of employee feedback and turn these insights into actionable change within the organization. Getting employee feedback has never been easier.

Companies can create a question from provided templates or start from scratch. That question is then shared with the organization by adding emails to Waggl, sending a link, or by embedding a widget directly into a webpage.

Employees can then answer anonymously — ensuring feedback is authentic. Unlike a survey, employees can vote on the answers they agree with most. The best part? Everyone can see the results in real-time. And feedback transparency promotes learning and engagement, as well as strengthens employees’ connection to the organization.

For employers: Traditional feedback cycles are just too slow. With the pace at which businesses move today, an annual survey or performance check-in just won’t cut it.

Waggl simplifies the overall feedback cycle by making it easy to request and view employee feedback. Questions are sent out to employees, employees can answer immediately, and feedback appears within minutes. What’s more, not having to communicate the results back to participants saves valuable time.

Additionally, results are organized into a visual “heat map.” By sourcing demographic tags for employees, feedback can be easily translated into infographics, which makes insight easy to understand and act on.

For employees: Waggl gives employees an authentic voice by giving them the opportunity to provide feedback anonymously. But it’s more than your run-of-the-mill survey; Waggl creates a virtual conversation between leadership and employees.

Pairwise voting adds another dimension to employee feedback — one that’s fun for employees and makes insights more actionable for employers.

Pros of Waggl:

  • Makes eliciting employee feedback fast and easy.
  • Accommodates organizations of any size.
  • Free for a personal plan (up to 50 people per question).

Cons of Waggl:

  • No mobile apps, but optimized for mobile.

To learn more about how Waggl can help you elicit better feedback from your employees, check out their website here.


Image Credit: Flickr/Billy Wilson

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