Entrepreneurs: Work Smarter, Not Harder

June 12, 2016

7:45 pm

The journey to become an entrepreneur is unquestionably difficult. However, entrepreneurs are increasingly becoming the latest professional fad. In a report by Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), we find that there are 27 million working-age Americans who are starting new businesses. This implies more competition in the industry and more innovative minds responsible for the future. The report also reports that two-thirds of adults worldwide now think entrepreneurship as a good career choice.

It takes a lot of work (hard work) to become an entrepreneur. But hard work is needed in order to succeed in something. But, why do some of these hard working entrepreneurs not succeed at all? The reason behind can be summed up directly: they work hard as opposed to working smart.

Should entrepreneurs work smart not hard? What’s the difference? Here’s the thing you should know – “working smart” should necessitate working hard. But, working hard doesn’t necessarily mean that the work is efficient or is done the right way.

Time Is Limited

Many entrepreneurs think that working 24/7 is the path to success. In any case, doing as such, they lose a lot of precious time. If you can do something within a limited time frame, you’re efficient. On the off-chance that you can’t, you’re not efficient.

“How do I complete my goal in a limited time when it needs a lot of time?”. Everything needs a lot of time and effort; however, if you continue doing the work while stressing about the entire time, then that won’t be good at all. So, track your time to know when you are efficient.

Take a Break

It’s alright to work more. And, I understand that you’re not doing it for any other individual but yourself (or, at least, first and foremost). In that case, are you working too much? Not taking a break? If yes, you’ll probably be screwing up the work. Everyone needs to relax sooner or later.

You’re a Social Being

Entrepreneurs tend to lock themselves up in a confined space when too focused on work. In other words, they forget who they are: social creatures. If you have a team to work with, you need to be more social. You ought to think about having an easygoing conversation with the people around you and family.

You can’t do that all in solitude. You need people to work with you. You need to build a healthy social relationship with the people around you, no matter who they are – be it your employees, co-workers or family.

Don’t Be Delusionally Positive

It’s very common for the entrepreneurs to be confident and positive about what they are working on. It’s because you’ve worked very hard. So, you hope for mostly positive things in the long-run. However, the harsh reality is that anything can happen.

You’ll be severely disturbed when something too bad happens compared to your expectation. The smarter way would be to take a gander at the potential negative things that could happen even before encountering it in any case. In that way, you’ll be able to deal with it better.

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