F6s Wants to Give Startup Founders VIP Access to $1M in Free Services

July 6, 2016

1:30 pm

This article is brought to you in partnership with F6s, the premier deals platform and online community for startups.

Hundreds of startups fail every year – and it's a harsh and painful reality that many founders have had to face. While many of these failures can be attributed to things like product-market fit and lack of capital, the issue at core can really be attributed to a failure in both scaling and traction. Simply: a “startup” simply isn't a startup if it fails to scale – and only those with the best ideas and best business models survive.

But even those at the top need support in order to continue scaling. F6s, a premier deals platform and online community for startups, acknowledges this and has created the Alpha Card to provide top startup founders each with VIP access to $1 million in free growth tools and services. Startup founders selected for the Alpha Card get access to a slew of perks provided by more than 100 companies, including (but not limited to):

  • Free round-trip flights on American Airlines;
  • Elite status and discounts on other airlines, hotels, and car rentals, including Avis, The Standard, and Zipcar;
  • Priority access to startup events like Mobile World Congress 4YFN and the LAUNCH Festival;
  • Free Rackspace hosting;
  • Free email infrastructure from SendGrid; and
  • Access to coworking spaces like WeWork.

Anyone can sign-up or nominate others for F6s Alpha Card status, but F6s tells TechCrunch that the selection process will take a little while. F6s selected 2,000 startup founders for the first round of Alpha Card status – with all startups coming from or affiliated with major venture capital groups, accelerators, and incubators (e.g. TechStars, Dreamit, Y Combinator, Rothenberg Ventures, et al.).

You can learn more about the F6s Alpha Card here.

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