7 Interesting Facts About Smartphones on the iPhone’s 10th Birthday

Ten years ago, the world changed. While Nokia brick phones and Motorola RAZRs ruled the mobile landscape for most of the early 2000s, Apple changed the game forever with the iPhone, making smartphones one of the most used technological breakthroughs since the toilet. Yes, iPhones started off as a luxury, but as the last decade has marched on, they have become a necessity to life as we know it.

On this, the tenth birthday of the very first smartphone, it seems only appropriate to discuss a few interesting facts about the pocket-sized device that you might not have realized. So blow out the candles, get your presents, and scribble your name on a Hallmark card in the other room; it's time to celebrate the big 1-0 for everyone's favorite smartphone:

77 Percent of Americans Own a Smartphone

No, that number is not just for millennials. It's not just early adapters and trend setters. More than three fourth of the country is using a smartphone just ten years after the iPhone caused global uproar at Apple Stores around the world. Even 42 percent of people 65 and older have adopted the technology to accomplish everyday tasks. And that's saying something.

More Than Half of Young Adults Live in a Home with 3 or More Smartphones

The phone used to be a fixed device in your. THE phone. But now, considering the fact that 51 percent of young adults live in a home with three or more smartphones, everyone has their own phone, even in the same house. While the numbers decline substantially as the age range goes up, these numbers are still pretty high for a device that has only been around for as long as a fourth grader.

12 Percent of US Adults Own a Smartphone but Don't Have Broadband Internet at Home

There's no denying that broadband internet at home is expensive. But with smartphones being such a necessity, foregoing the expense and simply relying on data is an option that more than one tenth of Americans are taking advantage of.

More Than Half of US Adults Get News Alerts on Their Smartphones

News alerts have become part of everyday life. And with a handy dandy smartphone in your pocket, you can get all the alerts you need, which is what people are doing with 55 percent of users having some kind of news alert system on their phone. However, only 13 percent say they get these alerts regularly, because who can really stomach THAT much news?

28 Percent of US Adults Have Used a Smartphone in a Job Search

In the digital landscape of today, phones aren't for calling. Unless you're trapped in an elevator and your thumbs are broken, text, messaging, and posting to someone's Facebook wall should more than suffice. But American have notably branched out, paying bills, finding a date, and even yes finding a job. What a world!

Only 12 Percent of US Adults Have Used Their Smartphones to Pay for In-Store Purchases

Despite the global adaption of this popular technology, security and privacy are a pressing issue in the tech world. While people use their phones for everything from bills to dating, making actual payments is still a touchy subject. But no one is taking the measures to fix it, because…

28% of US Smartphone Owners Don't Properly Secure Their Device

…no one is protecting their phones! Whether it's with lock screens or high-level encryption programs, keeping your data safe is imperative to further smartphone integration. After all, wouldn't it be cool to pay on your iPhone without worrying about someone stealing your identity?

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