7 Fashion Startups Changing the Way We Shop

October 15, 2015

11:31 am

The fashion industry as we know it is hugely dominated by major labels and high street fashion chains with small boutiques struggling to make their mark.  However, we are seeing a turning point as startups are catching up, offering consumers with unique products.

Do you want a dress that is custom made to your exact requirements and shipped to a destination of your choice?  Do you want your old work shirt transformed into a child’s shirt?  Don’t expect to be able to head down your local high street and find a shop doing this.  This is where small companies come into their own, differentiating and customizing products to meet your needs and requirements.

With success stories like Etsy and Net-a-Porter, the future is bright for startup companies wanting to follow suit and hopefully become the next big thing in the world of fashion.

As technology continues to evolve over the next five years, socially-conscious individuals will look to venture out and welcome any change in how they view style.  Social media will continue to hold a strong influence over our fashion choice and tech-savvy fashion start-ups need to be ready and waiting.

We take a look at seven of the best startups in the fashion industry.


Do you find you are in-between sizes and would love for the high street to create half-size ranges? Well, now you can head to the brainchild of Christine Lo, as every single dress is custom made to the requirements of the consumer. All you need to do is pick the design, color, and materials and will do the rest.

Not sure how to take your measurements? Worry not, as there is plenty of guidance available on the website. The company operate from a shop in Taiwan but they ship all over the world with dresses starting from as little as $219.


Millions of men around the world are sick of buying a shirt in the standard sizes on offer (small, medium, large etc.) and want a shirt that actually fits. The brains behind Stantt, Kirk Keel, and Matt Hornbuckle came up with an idea in 2013 to scan a number of body types to generate over 200,000 measurements with millions of data points.  This enables them to create seventy-five sizes. All is required from the shopper is their waste, chest and arm measurements and Stantt will do the rest. Shirts cost $98 and are made from 100 percent cotton.

Third Love

This is an app ready to give the lingerie industry a big shakeup. Using a camera phone and patented technology consumers are able to take their own bra measurements. Perfect for those who would rather not head down to their favourite department store to be measured.

The company offers a 100 percent guarantee; if for any reason you are not happy with your lingerie when it arrive you can see it back for your money back.

Love the Sales

Finding deals has been made a lot easier by the web; however, there are always ways to improve and Love The Sales does just that. The site, which is a fashion sales search engine, compiles details from thousands of sites across the web allowing users to narrow down to what they want and find the item they desire at a reduced price. It's a great way to shop and makes finding deals a whole lot easier.

Nineteenth Amendment

If you have a preference towards under-the-radar labels and would much rather steer away from Zara and Forever 21, you should head to Nineteenth Amendment.  They have a small collection from independent retailers. They have some fantastic outfits you would not have seen before. Small chance of you going to a party and bumping into someone with the same dress as you.

Fashion Project

The biggest fashion faux pas for millions is hoarding on items that we will never wear. We all have items of clothing we have bought but never got round to taking the labels of never mind wearing. Fashion Project will help you get rid of these items to someone who will actually benefit from them.

The next time you are cleaning out your wardrobe donate your unwanted items to the Fashion Project.

Style Lend

Do you want a Louis Vuitton handbag or a Gucci dress but don’t like the price tag? Style Lend will let you borrow high-end garments and lend out your own items for cash. Sounds a fantastic idea to us.

Keep an eye out for these seven fashion start-up companies. These game changing fashion companies are ready to shake up the industry

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