6 Pieces of First Aid Tech you Need to Know About

First aid technology can change our homes and workplaces and also make our lives better, safer and healthier.

Like much in the health space at the moment, there are numerous entrepreneurs and startups making a big difference. We’ve decided to take a look at some of the best first aid tech out there at the moment and take a closer examination of how it’s changing the world of first aid.

Drops First Aid

Drops First Aid, by Dynamisk Helse, has a very smooth interface that breaks down information into three separate parts. Summaries give brief, simple instructions for the times when fast action is needed. There are also a number of videos to offer clear visuals.

The app also provides detailed instructions via a text and image compilation detailing how to deal to every aspect of the process. There’s also the chance to go for a more advanced life-saving protocol for those people who are also very competent with CPR training. Backing all of this up with a first aid training can ensure you’re ready for any situation.


Available on both smartphone and desktop, this app provides you access to your general practitioner on a 7-day-a-week basis. Simply, download Zipnosis and set an appointment online for a fee and then you will be diagnosed. Prescriptions are then sent to your device afterwards.

First Aid & Symptoms Search

First Aid & Symptoms Search is an offline emergency tool that has been created around multiple genuine emergency situations (over a period of four years). They have been able to build a search engine with a lot of customization. Go through the app and see for yourself.

The app also comes with a very powerful Medical Health Guide to give you a great deal of information on how to deal with emergency first aid situations, whether they are at home or outside. There is also a symptom checker to help with the same.


TempTraq keeps a tab on a baby or child’s temperature via a smartphone app and a sensor-laden adhesive bandage. The patch is placed underneath the child’s arm inconspicuously and tracks of the individual in regular intervals. The app then monitors temperature and allows parents to see historic records and spot changes if needs be.

First Aid 2.0

Think about whether or not you would be calm during an emergency situation? While many people have first aid information, it can often be very different when the time comes to applying it. Sitations that involve a need for first aid are often very stressful. The First Aid 2.0 is a product and app that can help you during such times – it takes away the guess work and doubt.

While the usual first aid kit comprises numerous items in a box, the First Aid 2.0 moves this idea into the modern world. The box comes with an LED screen that gives easy to follow instructions, based on the injury that has been entered.

The case also comes with a GPS tracker, so it is very useful when a trip to the nearest hospital is vital and the situation urgent. The kit should be charged when it is not being used, but it can stay active for six months in standby mode.

Or Create Your Own Custom DIY Kit

One of the best ways to create a first aid kit is to consider the categories your require and create your own. For example, you will need bandages and medicine. You would also need gauze and butterfly bandages, as well as other smaller bandages, and a brace bandage. For medicine, think about what you would include: probably Tylenol or something similar. Another important part of the kit would be aspirin and something to deal with diarrhea. It is also advisable to have these things in your kit: a few rubber gloves, scissors, alcohol pads, Neosporin, duct tape and a CPR face shield as well. Some type of container is a good thing to use for keeping it all safe and waterproof.

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