Foto Master Brings Augmented Reality to Trade Shows and Events

December 7, 2014

8:00 pm

Recent developments in the augmented reality field did not skip the event attraction industry. Planners & exhibitors today work hard to provide new ways to deliver brand messaging in new and exciting ways.

Spearheading this field is Foto Master, a promising company with an already amazing product line. Foto Master specializes in the event attraction industry, family entertainment centers, and interactive entertainment zones. They recently launched three new products and presented them on the IAAPA 2014 expo.

Boaz Telem and Ron Malkin, the founders of Foto Master, have backgrounds both in the tech and entertainment industries.  They started by developing digital event attraction products like video flip, air graffiti touch, and air graffiti wall.

When Microsoft released the Kinect v2 three months ago, they jumped right in. They developed a series of products that use the latest and greatest from Kinect v2.

Here they are:

1# The AR Foto Booth


The Augmented Reality Foto Booth generates party favors taken in an augmented reality environment.

In the booth, guests find themselves wearing 3D virtual props that move with them. Both guests and props appear on top of a background displaying exotic locations or branded images

The client can customize both backgrounds and props.

2# Interactive Story


Interactive story is an augmented reality environment that runs animated stories for kids. The screen runs storylines and allows kids to interact with various characters.

As with the AR Foto Booth, each element on the screen reacts to their moves and is a part of a larger scheme.

3# MiniMe Foto Booth


A photo booth that shrinks one of two participants to a miniature stature. After shrinking, it fits him to the palm of the other guest hand.

All three products produce a clear picture of the guests inside the AR environment, something that according to Boaz, was not possible before.

Boaz Explains,

“The Kinect v1 RGB resolution was not high enough which resulted in low quality pictures. With the Kinect v2 everything changed. It offers an equal to HD webcam photo quality and based on the depth and face recognition SDK it, uses the Kinect’s sensors to position 3D elements in an accurate way on users. Props now interact with users in real time and the images are great!

The Booth uses the Kinect v2 1080p Camera with facial recognition capabilities. It couples it with a new background removal algorithm and a 3D engine that Foto Master developed to allow custom virtual props to appear on users.”

Boaz and Ron took the opportunity and developed the first line of branded/personalized photo favor products that uses the Kinect v2 capabilities in this way.

According to the founders, they were a hit at the show. Competitors were so impressed during the show that they even suggested to cooperate with them in the future, telling Boaz that what Foto Master did this year is rocket science compared to the other attractions they saw on the show.

Things are looking good for them;go and check them out!

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