9 Gadgets to Help You Power Through Spring Cleaning

June 3, 2016

1:29 pm

With only weeks left in spring, now is the time to get your home, yard, and even office space in tip-top shape. You can sweep, mop, mow, bleach, and use more elbow grease than you care to spare; or you can use gadgets to do the heavy lifting.

This is also the perfect time to digitize your piles of paperwork, finally hide your piles of cords, and grab more control over the environment you’re working in. From robots that mop, to machines that rapidly scan piles of napkin based idea pads, there are countless ways to organize your chaos.

“Don't forget to wipe the gadgets you touch a lot, like keyboards and touch screens! The average keyboard has 60 times the bacteria as the inside of a toilet bowl, and the average smartphone, 500 times,” said Airboxlab CEO Jacques Touillon, maker for Foobot.

These gadgets help you to work smarter, not harder on your upcoming spring cleaning to-do lists.

Spring Cleaning Gadget Guide

iRobot Roomba 980

  • Foobot: Your office air quality matters. Foobot monitors your air quality in real time, explains what pollutants it’s seeing, notifies you when there’s a problem and offers tips for fixing it. So someone cleaning out their house or office will be warned if their cleaning sprays are not being vented well, if they’ve kicked up too much dust, etc. And they can also see historically the positive difference it made after they threw out that old couch. It also connects to BreezoMeter, which monitors outdoor pollution and can tell you when the best day is to open all the windows to clean.
  • The Braava jet™ Mopping Robot is designed to mop hard floor surfaces with high amounts of traffic, such as in the kitchen and bathroom. Starting at $199 USD, Braava jet combines a compact design, Vibrating Cleaning Head, Precision Jet Spray and Braava jet™ Cleaning Pads to lift dirt and stains, even in hard-to-reach places, like under kitchen cabinets and around toilets. Braava jet is simple to use; just attach the desired Braava jet Cleaning Pad and press the ‘CLEAN’ button. The robot will automatically determine its cleaning action based on the pad chosen, including wet mopping, damp sweeping and dry sweeping. Moving in an efficient pattern, Braava jet deftly maneuvers around obstacles in its path and cleans along furniture, walls, and fixtures.
  • WorkForce DS-510 Color Document Scanner: If you’re looking to quickly reduce your paper load, this is the document scanner you’re looking for. Scanning both sides of a document in just one pass, this can run through 25 pages per minute and can hold up to 50 sheets at a time. It can also easily be adjusted to capture cards and other various document sizes beyond standard letter sized paper.
  • Roomba 980: is iRobot’s most capable – and first cloud-connected – robotic vacuum to date. The iRobot HOME App allows users to start their Roomba from anywhere, schedule cleaning jobs on the go and customize cleaning preferences directly from a smartphone. The Roomba 980 can clean an entire level of a home through iRobot’s proprietary visual simultaneous localization and mapping technology (vSLAM®.), which allows the robot to build a map of its environment as it cleans, keeping track of its location and automatically recharging as needed until the job is done. The Roomba 980 is also smart enough to detect different floor surfaces and optimize performance based on the type of floor it’s cleaning, providing twice the cleaning power on carpets and rugs. (See image).
  • The Samsung SmartThings Starter Kit has everything one needs to monitor, control and secure their home and is an ideal, user-friendly product for a tech hack to get rid of multiple devices and to ensure their home is ready for Spring entertaining. Simple to install and compatible with hundreds of other smart devices, the Starter Kit makes for an easy “spring cleaning” improvement.
  • Kärcher Follow Me Pressure Washer: From killing those pesky plants that grow throughout your bricked patio, to grim on your driveway, the follow me is an easy to use 1800 PSI electric pressure washer.
  • Dupray One Steam Cleaner: Steam cleaning is one of the most efficient, eco-friendly, and non-toxic methods to clean. Designed to be sleek, engineered to be easy to use, and assembled by hand in Europe, Dupray’s One is particularly adept at getting rid of allergens, dust mites, viruses, bed bugs, and all that other grime you want to get rid of.. Weighing in at only 10 pounds, the One steam cleaner is portable and easy to store. Its 16-foot power cord allows you to clean anywhere and is conveniently coiled using the cord wrap.
  • Febreze Air Purifiers: With their dual-action HEPA-Type filter, Febreze Air Purifiers capture 99% of air pollutants like dust, pet dander and pollen offering hands and stress-free cleaning experience. Plus, with three air-cleaning levels and a freshness control dial for the scent cartridge, you can experience customized cleaning with linen & sky™ or spring & renewal ™ scents.
  • The imageFORMULA P-208 II Scan-tini personal document scanner is the ideal companion to help consumers and businesses get organized this spring. This sleek, lightweight ultra-compact scanner can be used to quickly and easily digitize documents, receipts, etc. to tidy up desks and workspaces. The Scan-tini is designed to keep you organized on the go with direct to device via USB scanning or wirelessly to a mobile device via the Canon CaptureOnTouch Mobile app – making spring cleaning possible almost anywhere. You can 8 pages per minute and both sides of a sheet of paper in one pass, and the unit weighs just about 1 lbs.


Where to Find Them

Febreze Air Purifiers – $60 – $90

iRobot Braava Jet – $200

Foobot – $200

Samsung Smart Home Kit – $200

Kärcher Follow Me Pressure Washer – $200

imageFORMULA P-208 II Scan-tini – $200

Epson WorkForce DS-510 – $280

Dupray One Steam Cleaner – $500

iRobot Roomba 980 – $900


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