Meet Gate, the Smartest Lock on the Market

October 28, 2016

8:30 pm

With the universal popularity of the smartphones, and the growing implementation of the Internet of Things, smart locks have become a hot product in the “smart appliances” market, with several dozens of different options, each with its own merits and imperfections. Some of them even revolutionized the concept of locks, changing the way home security protects you forever.

However, sometimes going back to basics is the best move. Gate provides that intuitive reassurance. This connected smart lock combines a regular key lock with a coded keypad, a motion-activated camera featuring two-way audio, and a mobile app for smartphones and tablets.

With Gate, your lock will still have to be replaced but, with its simple and somewhat traditional look, it actually seems like it could blend in with your decor. This smart lock can be opened three different ways, which is also a feature that that most competitors do not have.

Gate can be opened with its keys, just like any other common lock, and it can also be locked with keys from the inside. This lock even features a keypad – access codes can be defined in order to unlock Gate, which is especially useful in case you forgot your keys, or to let family and friends come in at will.

Being a smart lock, Gate can also be opened through the mobile app, which is available for iOS, Android, or via the web app. In addition, Gate works with Alexa-Enabled Amazon Echo, giving users the ability to lock and unlock a door using nothing but their voice.

Another great feature of Gate is its 720p 150 FOV motion activated camera, which gives users access to a real-time feed of what is happening outside their door, and also to receive real-time notifications on any activity.

This camera is really the masterpiece of this lock, because it allows users to schedule any deliveries you might receive, and the system will take a photo and name of the scheduled delivery person when they arrive (for the employees of verified partners). Given that Gate has two-way audio, users can talk to anyone knocking at their door via the app.

There is currently an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign in place for Gate, which is being an astounding success: with 16 days to go, over $140,000 have been raised, two times the goal. It is set to ship in the spring of 2017, with an estimated retail price of $299.

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