GUYZ: Gay Dating App Hoping to Rewrite Online Interactions

April 5, 2016

2:36 pm

Dating apps seem to be a huge success nowadays, especially because of how well apps like Tinder are doing. However, these apps are somewhat responsible for the creation of a “swipe culture” that encourages shallowness, rudeness, and a lack of authenticity – all of this leading into relations very much based on casual sex and hooking up.

Most gay dating apps- not at all helping to clear the already tweaked image that our society unfortunately still portrays on the gay community. However, for those men, there is a new dating app being launched today where they can be who they naturally are, without needing to conform to the usual rules of most similar apps: GUYZ.

This gay dating app focuses on encouraging in-app behavior that facilitates real-life interactions and honest behaviors – whether users are looking for just a fling or for something more serious. In short, GUYZ can be thought of as the app that takes up where other apps left off, with a number of features that have never been included in a single app.

First, it offers state-of-the-art messaging features and tools – with text, voice, and video chat to connect with people, as well as the ability to share files with friends and groups. There is also the ability to recall any message sent by mistake or that users simply do not want the other person to see.

With GUYZ, users get a profile page where it is shown who they really are and what they really care about; this allows visitors to dive into the real character. It is also possible to capture and share a stream of images, to share with friends and followers.

Last but not least, GUYZ also has a very strong social aspect, almost making it a true social network. Users can create and join activities and events, which can be one-on-one, groups, a one-off or recurring situations. The app regularly has some fun competitions for users to engage in, offering real prizes.

Douglas Richter, spokesperson for GUYZ, said:

“As gay men, we felt a lack of authenticity in apps aimed at us. Too many of them rely on nothing but an instant attraction to an unrealistic photo. There is nothing wrong with any of that, unless that’s all there is. GUYZ treats people like people, not just lumps of meat. GUYZ can help you plan your Friday night, but it can also help you find someone to share Saturday brunch or Sunday afternoon in the park.”

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