Get Ready For 4K Ultra HD Movies In Your Living Room

January 11, 2015

10:00 am

I think most of us would concur we'd much rather watch a movie at home (the minute it comes out!) and not have to wait in line, hopefully getting a ticket and only seeing the damn thing once. Cable companies are barely improving by the looks of it, however, there are some great news as of last month. What would you say to the ability to watch your favorite TV show/movie at home with exactly the same quality as you would at a theater, as well as be able to experience it as if it’s happening right there in front of you? This will soon be reality for all of us. Even if you don’t spend a lot of time watching movies/TV shows, why not experience the absolute best of it when you feel like it?!

Switching to satellite TV is a good starting point because it offers you more versatility location wise and you get quite the number of different packages to choose from. There are two main companies competing for this market and these are DirecTV and Dish. Now, this isn't a comparison point article of any kind although we’ll quickly get down to the main benefits movie lovers can expect to get out of each – it really isn't hard figuring out the key differences.

Where Dish Network Lacks In Comparison

Satellite TV is far from the oldest of industries and most companies actually emerged during the early/mid 90's. Considering how all these companies have been in business for a similar amount of time, the billing, customer service and reliability is pretty much the same. Dish Network might even help you save money as they're generally cheaper though don’t necessarily offer more options. Their least expensive products for people trying to save money and get the most basic of channels are pretty much the same and there are no major differences there.

However, when you eventually decide to upgrade and want to try out some more advanced features – you'll appreciate the abundant channel options and promotions you can try from these two. The equipment is not free either way and if you have a bad credit rating you'll surely have to pay for it in advance. DirecTV is far more innovative when it comes to high end features and they're currently working on establishing 4K Ultra HD content as the standard for their services while Dish is still lagging behind.

Recent 4K HD Satellite Launch Was Successful

4KLogoUltraHDAs the name indicates, these networks operate off real-time satellite information being passed from the dish you have mounted in your backyard to satellites orbiting the Earth. Only a few weeks ago, DirecTV launched their most recent satellite project that's basically going to be responsible for changing the standard TV image quality across America. They already have HD satellites but this one raises the bar in terms of quality.

This satellite is called “DirecTV 14” and it's basically a large spacecraft weighing around 14,000 pounds. It was launched from French Guiana and the controllers made contact after only 30 minutes, confirming everything went as planned.

As soon as DirecTV 14 begins working (scheduled for the first few months of 2015), it will be considered the first commercial satellite on the planet with the ability to provide real-time 4K HD streaming as well as similar advanced features to DirecTV customers throughout the US. Coverage includes residents of Hawaii and Alaska as well. Most movies are actually shot in a high resolution of this kind, however, we don't get to experience them fully due to the compression effects people use to minimize file size. Even as a viewer, you'll feel as if you're there already – this improves the movie watching experience a lot.

Their senior vice president Phil Goswitz was overwhelmed with joy as he found out the launch was successful and the fact that they've achieved something extraordinary – while 4K was standard for movie theaters around the world to display a clear viewing experience, it's now going to become the standard for homes nationwide.

Since November 2014, DirecTV offers 4K Ultra HD programming that includes a number of different releases but it's not going to be until early 2015 for the changes of this new satellite to really kick in. If you currently have a Samsung UHD TV that can support this resolution and DirecTV’s standard Genie HD DVR, you can try watching some new movie releases instantly.

The changes brought upon from this satellite won't just include a 4K HD movie experience but you'll get spot beam coverage for your local HD. You'll enjoy the best sports channels in 4K HD.

On-Demand Library, 4 Times The Resolution Of Regular HD

DirecTV's On-Demand service basically covers new HD movie releases, older popular releases, documentaries, etc. However, you'll soon be able to watch everything in 4K and this includes old classics the likes of Forrest Gump.

If you want to experience this service right now and you already have a Samsung UHD TV at your disposal, it’s actually available to you already. It's not going to be the full experience of what you can expect next year, but you might as well try it out now!

If we look back at the last 2 decades, plenty of serious changes have been made in terms of the way we watch live TV as well as our movies. People were initially hooked on analog TV, and then they switched to digital. After a while HD became popular and regarded as the ultimate experience but now 4K Ultra HD is challenging that as well.

There's no doubt the demand for 4K television/movies is only going to go up and it might be worth investing in a TV that can support it if you haven't already. The quality and depth of picture you get from 4K is beyond remarkable.

When you take in consideration the resolution is 3840x2160px, it's basically a couple of times better than the “Full HD” experience. People are also working on a HD spec that will further enhance the 4K color depth and dynamic range.

DirecTV wanted to make these changes a few years back so in early 2014 they basically went on to trademark a lot of 4K branded things, before rolling out a full plan for new Ultra HD services. These trademarks weren't mentioned in the public but at the moment DirecTV customers can exclusively stream around 20 big name movies in 4K. Note that these can only be watched if you have an appropriate Samsung 4K TV.

If you don't have one of these TVs but you're eager to try out 4K, your options are basically to either buy one or stick it out until the 2015 changes. Samsung is the only manufacturer that exclusively makes this type of deals with them and these companies have always had a close working relationship. The good news is that they're not going to force all customers to purchase Samsung TVs if they want 4K movies starting 2015 (as long as theirs support the resolution) and more TVs that are ready for this feature are expected to launch next year.

If you want to set yourself up at the moment, you'll need the following things:DirecTV-Samsung-4K

– A standard DirecTV genie HD DVR that's connected to the internet.

– A Samsung TV ready for Ultra 4K HD. Their section of 4K ready TV's explains which ones can support the service currently.


The bottom line is that this is certainly a step forward in our overall movie watching experience and we’ll no longer be forced to visit movie theaters (nor pay 30k to set up our own) in order to enjoy our favorite classics at the absolute highest movie quality.


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