GoGo Labs: Transforming Classrooms into Living Games

December 3, 2012

9:00 am

Since recent Pew Internet Reports show that up to 97% of all teens play video games, it’s little surprise that game-based learning is seen as a promising way to transform education. GoGo Labs, a disruptive learning technology lab, seeks to enhance learning by providing a platform intended to transform classrooms into living games.

GoGo Labs’ quest-based learning platform, 3D GameLab, leverages game mechanics to create student engagement that leads to improved learning outcomes. Assignments become “quests,” which lead to rewards such as experience points and badges. This innovative approach to learning provides a viable alternative to students who may struggle with traditional learning methods. The most important element 3D GameLab emphasizes is student choice, which sets its approach to learning apart from the traditional classroom.

In a traditional classroom, students usually have few opportunities to personalize their learning. Because the curriculum is planned out in advance with everyone working on the same assignment at the same time, students have little flexibility to pursue individual interests or learn at their own pace.

In comparison, a quest-based learning environment allows students to customize their learning assignments through choosing specific assignments and pacing themselves to the end of the class. With guidance from the instructor, student can make progress quest by quest until they obtain enough experience points to earn the grade they want. If students do not complete a quest to the satisfaction of their instructor, they can make corrections to receive the full value without penalty. Screenshot of 3D GameLab

After implementing 3D GameLab in their classrooms, teachers report higher amounts of work being completed, students continuing to quest after they’ve received their grade, and more students getting “A’s.” One teacher commented that after implementing GoGo Labs’ 3D GameLab education platform, she had other students standing in the hallway trying to get into her class. GoGo Lab’s founder, Dr. Lisa Dawley, attributes the success of 3D GameLab to how it translates learning into an experience that students can connect with.

Dawley said, “Gameplay is a form of literacy – a way to think and process information. For today’s students, the classroom setting is the only context where they have to sit in a room for hours and take notes. It’s really out of context for their overall life experience. But gaming, they understand that.”

Because research indicates motivational issues are the core cause of high school and college dropouts, GoGo Labs believe that creating a fun, engaging learning platform for students will transform education.


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