Find Products by Location and Price Anywhere in the US with Goodzer

November 16, 2011

5:00 pm

We're excited to announce that – just in time for holiday shopping – Goodzer has launched nationally.

Last time we saw Goodzer (just about a year ago), the Reston, VA-based company was preparing to launch their beta service in New York City, helping consumers find the products they want at the best price, in real-time at the stores closest to them. They won the Audience Choice and Best In Show awards, as well as Judges’s Choice for the Shopping category, at the Under The Radar competition in Mountain View. They also drove up to NYC to demo at our Tech Cocktail mixer event.

Goodzer Co-founder and CEO Dmitry Pakhomkin told Tech Cocktail, “The NYC test provided a unique experience. Great feedback from New Yorkers played a huge role and encouraged us to build the next version of Goodzer for the entire US. Thank you Big Apple!”

Now available online and as an iPhone app, Goodzer has expanded its reach to bring searchable inventory and merchandise information on more than 2 billion products from half a million brick-and-mortar stores to people's fingertips. Pakhomkin said:

“Online research has been a huge part of shopping for a long time, but searching for products to buy in store has been historically hard. In the last few years, there's been progress, but no one has delivered such a large number and wide variety of consumer products until now.  People no longer need to spend hours browsing websites for the right item or best price; and they don't have to rely on physically browsing through stores for to find items that haven't been viewable online.”

While there have been other, earlier movers in this space (think TheFind, Milo,, etc), Goodzer boasts a few competitive advantages. Their (patent-pending) technology, a complex set of algorithms, scrapes product data online while also leveraging additional sources such as listings information. Their system is growing – they expect to reach a billion locations by the end of 2012. They also don't have to interface with any  point-of-sale systems.

On the funding front, Goodzer is closing a seed round to support company growth through new hires, feature enhancements and the infrastructure needed to expand its geographical footprint outside the U.S.

I did a quick search for Kate Spade totes, and it immediately showed me where I can find them locally, allowing me to change my search radius, price tolerance and store preference (see below). A search for something more generic like “backpacks” brings back thousands of options, requiring some tighter parameters set by the user.

Retailers can easily add themselves to the Goodzer database by clicking Add Store in the site's navigation bar at the top of the page.

Goodzer Search

Search for "Kate Space tote" on Goodzer

You can download the iPhone app here  – Goodzer: Local Shopping - Goodzer Inc.

If Goodzer can get a decent amount of publicity in the next few weeks, it could gain significant traction during its first major shopping season.


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