8 Blogs Hardware Startups Should Be Reading

Blogs written for entrepreneurs creating software products seem to be everywhere. It’s much harder to find blogs talking about developing a new hardware product.

To succeed with your hardware startup you need to constantly learn from experts in hardware. So I’ve put together a list of the best blogs for hardware startups.

1. Bolt

Bolt is a venture capital firm that specializes in funding hardware startups, especially those with a recurring software component. Their blog is one of the best ones out there for hardware entrepreneurs.

Bolt discusses everything from hardware development to funding strategies. One of my favorite articles is called Buildng Too Much Hardware.  I think Bolt does a fantastic job of writing articles that not only provide information but that also help ground entrepreneurs in reality.

2. Predictable Designs

Predictable Designs helps entrepreneurs take their product from just a concept to a fully functional prototype. Their blog discusses all aspects of developing and manufacturing new electronic products. The Predictable Designs blog caters to both technical and non-technical entrepreneurs. In fact, each article includes a handy 10-point technical rating score.

For example, one of their less technical articles focuses on all of the costs to bring a hardware product to market.  Whereas a more technical article discusses the pros and cons of the various types of wireless functionality (Bluetooth, WiFi, etc.).

So whether you are developing the electronics yourself, or plan to outsource the design, you’ll find lots of helpful content.

3. Dragon Innovation

Getting your product to the point of a functional prototype is really only the first step on the path to success. The next big hurdle you face is manufacturing (followed later by sales). Helping startups go from prototype to mass manufactured product is Dragon Innovations’ specialty.

The Dragon blog focuses on all aspects of mass manufacturing a hardware product. They have a great team of writers experienced in all things manufacturing.

Don’t wait to until you have a finished prototype before you start learning about manufacturing. If your goal is to bring your product to market then you need to make learning about manufacturing a priority early in the process.

4. Upverter

Upverter is web-based software for developing electronic circuits and printed circuit boards. Their primary focus, compared to other electronics design packages, is reducing common errors. This not only helps to reduce your development cost but also your time to market.

Two examples of Upverter articles include a 5-part series on pricing your hardware product and a comparison of various Bluetooth modules.

5. On Startups

Although this is a more general blog for all startups, it still offers a wide variety of information for those bringing hardware products to market. Both hardware and software startups have many things in common, especially when it comes to sales and marketing.

Whether you are creating new software, or hardware, you need to understand how to spread the word about your product. On Startups, created by the co-founder of the popular website HubSpot, is full of wise advice for all startup founders.

6. Concept Spring

Concept Spring focuses on innovation and entrepreneurship for both software and hardware startups. Common blog topics discuss general startup strategies, project management, hiring your development team, hardware development, prototyping, and manufacturing.

Concept Spring also offers a helpful ebook called “Bringing a Hardware Product to Market” that can either be purchased on Amazon, or downloaded for free by just providing your email address.

7. Steve Blank

Steve Blank is a renowned guru in the startup community. He has founded multiple startups, four of which have gone public. Most of these were hardware startups. He is also a consulting professor at Stanford teaching courses on entrepreneurship.

Steve’s blog is absolutely loaded with great content for hardware startups. You can easily spend hours, or weeks, reading all of his content, and this will be time well spent.

8. Hardware Startup IO

Hardware Startup IO isn’t a blog itself, instead it’s a blog aggregator specifically for hardware startups. They compile and share articles on hardware entrepreneurship from a wide variety of bloggers.

So what are your favorite blogs for hardware startups? Please share them by commenting below.

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Written by:
John Teel is an electronics design engineer, serial entrepreneur, and founder of Predictable Designs. He has developed products for tech companies that now sell in the millions of units. John now helps other entrepreneurs, startups, and small companies bring new electronic products to market. Download his FREE cheat sheet - 18 Steps to Market for Your New Electronic Product.
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