John Teel is an electronics design engineer, serial entrepreneur, and founder of Predictable Designs. He has developed products for tech companies that now sell in the millions of units. John now helps other entrepreneurs, startups, and small companies bring new electronic products to market. Download his FREE cheat sheet - 18 Steps to Market for Your New Electronic Product.


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10 Secrets to Succeeding as a Hardware Startup

Hardware is hard. There is a lot of truth in that simple statement. There are many obstacles to success, but here’s 10 secrets… Accurately Estimate Product Development Successful startups realistically estimate the costs, and time needed, for product development. Everyone ...


Top 10 Websites for Hardware Entrepreneurs

Every entrepreneur’s business brings its own unique challenges – and few startups are more challenging than those that create physical hardware products. The good news is that a few websites provide excellent resources for hardware startups. Below are 10 of my favorite ...


How to Launch a New Product While Living the Dream Life

I’ve lived in some breathtaking places – a small Alaskan town with views of multiple glaciers; the remote Hawaiian island of Kauai, where my window looked out on palm trees and blue ocean; and Sedona, Arizona with it's soaring natural sculptures of red rock....


3 Strategies for Hardware Startups to Minimize Risk

Creating a new hardware gadget and bringing it to market is not for those adverse to taking risks. Regardless of how spectacular your product may be, or how confident you are that it will be a massive success, you should still strive to reduce...


10 Insanely Successful Hardware Startups

If you are a hardware entrepreneur I'm betting you could probably use a little inspiration. I mean, everyone knows that hardware is really hard, right? So to give you a little motivation boost I'm going to share with you 10 examples of other hardware...


Inventory – A Major Killer for Hardware Startups

Once you get past developing and manufacturing your new product, and landing early customers, inventory becomes the biggest threat to your startup’s survival. To be a successful hardware startup you ultimately must learn to efficiently manage inventory. Some wise advice is to ...


8 Blogs Hardware Startups Should Be Reading

Blogs written for entrepreneurs creating software products seem to be everywhere. It's much harder to find blogs talking about developing a new hardware product. To succeed with your hardware startup you need to constantly learn from experts in hardware. So I've put together a...


7 Steps to a Prototype for Hardware Startups

So you have a hot new hardware device that you’d like to develop and sell?  Well, your first step is to create a working prototype.  But where should you begin?  There is no doubt that developing hardware is hard, and you can’t expect immediate...