Take a Health Quiz and Get Personalized Supplements from FitKit

September 7, 2012

1:00 pm

FitKit, which puts together customized boxes of vitamins, supplements, and powders tailored to your health needs, sent off its first shipment in August.

To order one, you start off with an incredibly fun, cute, and well designed lifestyle quiz. Drag veggies onto a plate if you’re vegetarian, slide your stress-o-meter up if you’re tense, and highlight the body parts that ache. At the end, you get a list of recommended supplements, which you can add to your “FitKit.” You can also sign in with your Fitbit account, and it factors in your workouts and sleep schedule.

I was recommended a calcium-magnesium powder for bone and muscle, and a botanical called Ashwagandha for relaxation. You order a recurring monthly subscription, like KLUTCHclub, but you can cancel anytime.

For entrepreneurs who need to recharge and relax, FitKit has a few suggestions. “Startups mean stress. You need to keep your adrenals happy and maintain your ability to produce energy,” says cofounder Dr. Robin Bernhoft. Here are his suggestions:

1. Adrenal adaptogens (Ashwagandha, Rhodalia Rosea).

2. B vitamins – Found naturally in green leafy vegetables, shellfish, bananas, and many other meats and produce.

3. CoQ10 – Found naturally in meat, fish, and eggs.

As for the FitKit team, they head to the gym in the morning for a 20-minute CrossFit workout, and play soccer or football on the weekends. When their stress-o-meter shoots up during the day, they take a break and play ping pong.

“We sleep a lot less, and have a lot less time to run around,” says cofounder Josh Haynam, who was awake for two days straight before launching FitKit. “It’s tough to find the time to do your normal routines.”

FitKit is going through the Start Engine accelerator and was a showcased startup at our Tech Cocktail Los Angeles mixer in August.

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