Here’s an Alternative to iTunes for Your iPhone

August 31, 2016

8:00 pm

Most of our media is now housed on iPhones, iPads, and mobile devices. We love and breathe media, music, and video so much that we want to take it with us and have it in our pocket at all times. However, to stay media organized and have the ability to transfer the songs we want to and from our Apple mobile devices, it can sometimes be a big pain. The good news is that there are usually other applications or alternatives to the iPhone default software most users are using.

The Top Solutions: iTunes and iCloud

If you'd rather use a traditional means to transfer music and media files, iTunes and iCloud are the standard solutions for iPhone iPad users. They provide an easy clear-cut method to transfer music to and from your iPhone to computer & the cloud.  

But some new iOS users get confused with iTunes and iCloud. To name a few:

  • You can easy enjoy music video purchased from iTunes. But transferring music video to iPhone that you downloaded from computer is definitely dived to be complicated with iTunes.  
  • The iTunes and iCloud platform requires iOS users to transfer music video with Apple compatible format. When you meet other format, you have to convert the format firstly with video convert software.
  • The easy sync capability works good, but Apple music members have their data automatically synched anytime they connect. You can’t backup data selectively.

Our iPhones have truly become our best companion. And over time, you find that you really need friendly, fast, easy-to-use music transfer software. For anyone that is still using a previous version of iTunes and is having trouble removing or adding your music, be sure to consider this fix.

WinX MediaTrans

If you are an iPhone or iPad user but have a Windows operating system, WinX MediaTrans is a good solution. It allows you to transfer iPhone and iPad photos, music, and videos back and forth between your iPhone and Windows PC, and store your media files.

This robust software enables you to have total access to your media files anytime. Even use your iPhone as a USB drive or extension of your computer. Cool thing is, you can selectively transfer some of your media files to your computer to avoid taking up space on your iPhone. Furthermore, for the Apple incompatible video transfer, WinX MediaTrans can automatically convert the video to Apple supported format and then sync the video to your iPhone iPad in a flash. 

How to Easily Manage iPhone iPad Music with WinX MediaTrans


Free download WinX MediaTrans and install it on your Windows PC.  

Open this music transfer software and plug in your iPhone with computer.   



Clean as you can see from WinX MedisTrans interface, click “Music Manager” section and choose the music you want to export or export or import into iPhone. “Sync” music to iPhone and then you can play new music on your iPhone immediately.


Some of the most notable features of the WinX MediaTrans software are:

  • Two-way backup of music files– Import and export your music and media files from your iPhone or iPad to your Windows computer.
  • Create and modify playlists– You will have total control over all of your media by creating and modifying playlists to suit your preferences.
  • Edit artist and album information to suit your likes– You can go in and edit artist and album info to suit your personal taste. Change the album title and organize song lists in any way you prefer. There is no limit on your create freedom.
  • Drag and Drop interface– The easy drag and drop interface allows you to sort and organize your music library the way you want it.


Comparing the WinX MediaTrans to iTunes and iCloud, I've come down to the following:

  • iPhone users have the choice of two robust platforms when transporting and storing media.
  • The iTunes and iCloud solution offer a proprietary-based storage solution that allows users to have 5GB of space for media storage on a virtual drive.
  • The easy sync capabilities of the iCloud storage solution make it a good traditional choice for iOS users.
  • Windows users will appreciate the easy way WinX MediaTrans allows the iPhone user to use their Windows computer to transfer and store media files.
  • Easy drag and drop interface with WinX MediaTrans allows instant access and transfer of media files and total creative freedom on music play lists.

While both platforms are robust, and both allow users of iPhones to sync and store their media and other data, Windows users will more likely appreciate the WinX MediaTrans version, while Apple users will prefer the iTunes and iCloud solution, since it was created by the same company as their hardware.


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