Indianapolis as an Epicenter of Innovation: High Alpha Raises $35M

June 10, 2015

8:00 pm

Big news coming out of Indianapolis, Indiana today as High Alpha announced they have raised $35 million to create, operate, and fund enterprise cloud companies. According to the crew of entrepreneurs leading High Alpha – Scott Dorsey, Mike Fitzgerald, Eric Tobias, and Kirstian Andersen – the company is the first venture studio that unites company creation with venture funding in this market vertical.

“High Alpha introduces a new model for building and funding next generation enterprise tech companies, and we believe the High Alpha team is uniquely equipped to pioneer this approach,” says Dorsey, Managing Partner.

The company itself is comprised of two entities in High Alpha Studio and High Alpha Seed. The former creates, operates, and supports new companies by providing a blend of services like product development, finance, and branding. The latter invests in High Alpha Studio companies and other emerging enterprise cloud solutions.

When you pair the two together, you get a representation of a new model for entrepreneurship that seeks to help companies reduce friction, increase velocity, and achieve enterprise scale. To date High Alpha has secured backers like Emergence Capital, Greenspring Associates, Hyde Park Venture Partners, and outside angel investors.

“Indianapolis is quickly becoming an epicenter of innovation and is producing some of America’s most promising high growth tech companies,” says Tim Kopp, Managing Director for Hyde Park Venture Partners Indianapolis. “With its incredible base of experienced talent, competitive cost structure, and supportive state and local governments, the Midwest is a great environment to build and grow the next generation of market leading companies. We’re excited that High Alpha is capitalizing on these elements and is setting roots right here in the Midwest.”

Kopp is spot on with this statement. Not only has Indianapolis sprouted up as a hot spot, we’ve also seen other cities in the Midwest like St. Louis start to get some major traction as a robust tech ecosystem. It’ll be interesting to see how High Alpha further impacts the region as they keep investing in companies.

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