HolidayMe: A New Approach to Travel Planning Is Here

April 18, 2016

11:49 am

If you enjoy fantasizing about your next holiday, you aren’t alone. It’s fun to think about and plan vacations in our minds. This is because enjoying your last vacation often creates a bit of selective amnesia. You remember the great times that you had once you actually arrived at your destination, but you forget all the time you spent comparing prices, coming up with your itinerary, and making reservations. Unfortunately, when you take on the logistics part of planning your next holiday, it will all come back to you. That is, unless you put yourself in the hands of this great new startup, HolidayMe.

A Startup Blending Talent And Passion

Geet Bhalla and Digvijay Pratap are the two hardworking entrepreneurs who founded HolidayMe and are located in Dubai. They formed this travel enterprise to make it easy for vacationers to plan their vacations and make all of the required reservations from a single, simple to use platform. While both Bhalla and Pratap bring excellent technical and business skills to the table (Bhalla has a background in banking and finance; Pratap has a solid background as a software engineer), they also bring a shared passion for travel. As can be expected, good things happen when talent and passion are involved in a startup.

Providing a Truly Customizable Holiday Planning UX

The thing that makes HolidayMe so appealing can be summed up in one word, customization. This startup gives customers the option to create personalized travel experiences in ways that other travel booking websites simply do not. They are able to do this, because throughout the span of 300 cities, they have access airport pickup and drop off centers, well over 8,000 tourist activities, and over 100k hotels. That gives travelers a lot of options. In addition to this, those who really want simplified holiday planning can simply select one the many holiday packages.

A Compelling Story of Growth And Hard Work

It is hard to imagine that what is now a team of more than 85 staffers in Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates, and India all started with a handful of folks who launched their startup from the decidedly unglamorous inside of a garage.

A Bold Decision to be Technology Forward

Even with all of the features described above, one might wonder what makes this business stand out from other holiday planning brands. The answer to that is the proprietary technology that runs behind the scenes. The decision to create a proprietary technology, of course, means that the company required a lot of up front capital, which was obtained through lots of bootstrapping. Thanks to their success so far, the founders enjoy 4 million USD in series a funding provided by Saudi investment group Al Sanie.

Using Social to Grow Moving Forward

Pratap and Bhalla are pretty tight-lipped about finances, but they are willing to talk about their marketing efforts. To start, they’ve definitely embraced social media by becoming active on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. The two mention Facebook as their preferred social media platform due the analytics available to them. In addition to this, they’ve also invested time and money in online advertising campaigns. Their hope is to stand out in a crowded field. So far, this seems to be working for these treps.


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