Hosting Market: GoDaddy Crushes the Competition

July 22, 2015

9:00 pm

The market of web hosting is an increasingly competitive one, with lots of companies fighting for clients, slashing prices as much as possible and new companies appearing from time to time. Despite the huge dimension of this market, there was no understanding of what market share each company had, due to the lack of studies analyzing this industry.

However, just recently the web hosting information site Host Advice published the results of an extensive market study which was carried out through the collection of data from 1,500 hosting companies and 54 million hosted sites, revealing very interesting results regarding the web hosting industry.

The first and most obvious result of Host Advice’s “Global Web Hosting Market Share 2015” is that GoDaddy clearly dominates the market, with a share around 5.82% of the entire market – that is more than two times the market share of the closest competitor, which is Bluehost, with 2.57%.

All the hosting companies inside the top 10 are based in solely three countries, France (one company), Germany (two companies), and the United States of America (seven companies), and those 10 companies dominate 20.7% of the whole market. USA’s dominance inside the top 10 is not isolated, as more than half (51.84%) of all the world’s websites are hosted by a USA-based company.

There is other interesting data arising from this study. For example, despite many non-USA based companies choosing USA-based hosting companies, the web hosting market seems to be very local in nature. In Italy and the USA, for example, 9 out the top 10 most used hosting companies in that country are local, a number that drops to 8 out of 10 in France and Germany.

This data provided by Host Advice, a global web hosting company comparison site, gives us a clearer picture over what is really happening in this industry, where users are seemingly sticking with the old and experienced players like GoDaddy, which has been in the market since 1997.

Check the detailed results in the infographic below:

20mei infograhic

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