Improving Business with Live Chat Assistance

February 8, 2015

10:00 pm

Communication with customers is key for any business. Customers will often want to pose questions about a variety of subjects, like the business itself, the breakdown of some of the features offered by the product/service in question, how payments work, and so on. I have recently covered “The Importance of Good Customer Communication Tools” but, in this article, I shall focus on a different tool: live chat assistance.

It has probably happened to everyone, when visiting a website for a given service or product. A tiny window or icon appears in the bottom-right corner, where we have the opportunity to talk to an assistant in case we have some doubts or questions. Sometimes it can be annoying for the visitors, but how useful is it, really?

The answer is clear: it is very useful. For starters, and according to a report by the CRM tech reviews business Software Advice, half of customers prefer live chat for online shopping queries. Also, 34% of people between 18 and 34 years old prefer to use live chat over phone, regardless of the nature of their question(s), a figure that drops to 27% on people with over 34 years old. 56% of the respondents have, at least one time, used a chat for live assistance.

Live chat is also faster to help customers. As one can see in the graphic below, put together by ZenDesk, live chat has, by far (less than halve of the closest contender), the shortest resolution time:


To use a live chat assistance service on a website, it is highly recommended to use a specific (and established) service, like Pure Chat. They make installation easier, faster (less than 3 minutes, as they advertise it), and provide a dedicated platform to operators, making it easy to work with.

After setting up a live chat service, the next step is to publicize its existence. Within the site, some message (pop-ups work better) or icon referencing it and the advantages of using it is one way to go, but live chat can also be mentioned on platforms like newsletters and even on phone calls.

The existence of live chat assistance will definitely be useful to build up trust with users, raising their loyalty. This is especially true with younger clients, as they often prefer technological methods to communicate over the phone.

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