Why Java & Objective-C are the Choice Application Development Languages

August 22, 2015

8:00 am

Mobile apps are everywhere. So for the developer looking to create the next app, one of the biggest questions becomes: Which programming language to choose for the next project?

With most platforms having their own app languages, iOS and Android are no exception. As a developer, you should know which languages you are going to use if you are sure about which platform you’ll be deploying on.

Android & iOS: Language Lock-in
Most developers give priority to Android over iOS but the gap between them remains small with Android having a 42 percent share and iOS securing a 32 percent share. All these big platforms witness a language lock-in which means that it is all about the language priority and not just platform priority. Java is the preferred language for designing and developing Android apps whereas Objective-C is the preferred choice for iOS apps. In Android, 60 percent of the work is done in Java while in iOS, 50 percent in Objective-C.

Java for Android and Objective-C for iOS
Java is widely used and an extremely popular language in the world of programming, developed by Sun Microsystems. Being available free of cost, it is an open source language and works well for enterprise apps, software businesses and financial sectors. The speed of development with Java is what makes it popular as one can build apps quite rapidly with it.

Objective-C on the other hand has gained immense popularity mainly because of iOS and has become the primary language for writing applications for Mac and iOS. It is an object-oriented programming language with the rules of the language being quite unique. Features such as runtime reflection, Smalltalk style messaging, and many other options can be found in this language.

Meteoric Rise of Swift
Apple introduced Swift in the year 2014 which is a commanding and insightful novel language for Mac and iOS app development. Since its launch, it has become a favorite among developers as it is fast, efficient, and gives real-time feedback. Leveraging on Objective-C, it gets seamlessly incorporated into its existing code. Developers get the strength and freedom to make revolutionary and powerful apps with this easy to learn and code and developer-friendly language.

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